On the internal structure of series of 360buy of Shanghai Longfeng not perfect articles 1


most of the time, when we are still pursuing the perfect nature of the Shanghai dragon, we always forget the words "the world is not absolutely perfect people and things, no matter what, there is always not perfect, we can go to the pursuit of perfection, but also should consider what is the meaning of perfect. In Shanghai dragon, our pursuit of perfection is for the user experience, but not perfect Shanghai dragon is the largest increase in user experience, writing" into the internal structure of series – 360buy Title Title articles, please see details the internal structure of 360buy series – Shanghai dragon is not perfect, not perfect about Jingdong the Shanghai Dragon Story

formatted CSS style, has reached 3818, the Jingdong is directly home after compression code; perhaps some friends will ask, why do not the Jingdong, will affect the home? You think, only in the home setting, we first determine the bandwidth of no Jingdong after setting this problem, first ensure that the browser to read the CSS, ensure CSS pre read, then the content of the framework of the loading, but if it is called, called CSS and body content can be loaded at the same time, if the CSS page loading is not ideal, may cause open home is not perfect, even in dislocation so, Beijing.

After a


can be seen from the picture above, a page 18 external Javascript script, 3 external stylesheet, 16 external background images, need to be prompted to unify into one, in a lot of software will be prompted, because it is on a page, rather than on the entire site, if you need to do ZhengZhan optimization if you need to do is to every page in the file at the same time as far as possible the use of a document, not every page of each style, it has certain help to the page load only, separated by CSS style sheets, are the reasons for the cache, because when the resource is loaded once, the next time you call directly, rather than download the file again, so that the user experience, sometimes do not need the perfect Shanghai dragon tutorial.

most of the time, when the pursuit of our website measurement results at the same time, often will find that the test results are as follows, the page is random within a page belongs to Jingdong, shows the software that the shortage of places.

is a Jingdong within the page, then we look at the website home page, there may be a new discovery; in the home, we see the setting methods of the same, because in the home, not directly call CSS, and directly to the CSS part page written directly, as shown in figure


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