Analysis of some 48 hours into the love of Shanghai top 3 mechanism

a lot of selling such software providers have such a requirement, that is we want to have a computer like this. And can automatically dial the fixed IP. The reason is to be able to automatic dialing, automatic generation of different IP or different IP segments to click on the site. In order to achieve is not the same IP Click to cheat.

1, why one can dial ASDL computer

2, ranking 20 of the former less than

Why is

also tested this software, low index word sometimes is really to row up. In the beginning, a high index word also ranked up, but because of the love of Shanghai found others know this loophole, so some high index word letter. Maybe after the word index is low will be all blocked. There is a period of expansion of IP mechanism, such as our software can only be used in a city, or a few city use. Then love Shanghai will judge for cheating, and the user experience is still can continue the ranking mechanism. So, do we still site. The taobao贵族宝贝 landing 贵族宝贝jyxxjc贵族宝贝 please keep the link.

with the above two points, then we can fall in love with 48 hours about the mechanism in 3 before the transgression. That is the love in the ranking algorithm in Shanghai, there are users in the 20 site, click statistics, PV statistics, statistics or residence time. It forms a total score, that is the user experience, the 20 site no longer fight is outside the chain, or the original. There is no need to fight the user on the site, can not solve the current most users want to solve problems so the mechanism.

A5 also have such advertisements, station owners also have such advertisements. Since people cast advertising, that is a market. And some words should still be able to upgrade the position. But I think this behavior can not always think this way is easy to get traffic temporarily. Otherwise, love Shanghai what you take to profit? So some mechanism which is what


one of the top 20 keywords, mainly to ensure that our site has a certain weight, and the weight is stable. Because the 20 sites are in the comparison between what should not be station technology or Shanghai dragon technology. It focuses on the user experience, the user viscosity problem. This should also be the best response to whether a site is good or bad, or whether a site to solve user problems.

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