Enterprises should look at how the Shanghai dragon promotion

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in the past, the lack of structured data or inaccurate marker is often ignored or is deemed to have little impact on brand performance, when the search engine has become more and more intelligent, the search engine will be more dependent on these additional data, if there is a great influence not correctly using these data will be efficacy on the website, but if now the numerous enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng, then your business that is quite difficult to talent shows itself

enterprises pay more attention to the mobile Shanghai dragon even more than the PC side, Tmall 2015 dual eleven activities, 68% of orders from the mobile terminal.

cloud claw train, establishing marketing sub station group let your information page does not interfere with other people, customers can easily find you in all search engines, through massive embedded keywords, statistics tracking system, embedded online service: QQ, Wangwang, tracking online consulting data, this paper generation system, a large number of easy expansion this article through the form of cooperation promotion, website technology interface docking, no registration account, login, code operation, the system automatically released to the corresponding website, first of all cooperation website information push, automatic analysis of quality web site included, survival, according to the ranking results, centralized push for high quality website, automatic analysis the adjustment period, many enterprises have to train in the choice of cloud claw, marketing value high fee per click

the latest foreign study results showed that in the 50 major U.S. News website, mobile traffic most of the site has gone beyond the PC flow, so that the mobile terminal of Shanghai dragon has become a priority among priorities optimization.

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