Are entrepreneurial teams detrimental to implementation See if there are any problems in these two a

review: only 10% of strategies can be effectively implemented. One of the important reasons why strategy can not be effectively implemented is the problem of middle and high level teams.


7, do not always worry about "I did not learn web production, do Wangzhuan, I must not do good" such problems, give yourself confidence, you better than other people stupid

5, don’t always ask "where there is a XX tutorial?" — the wisdom and patience of the people will know how to open the computer to try

if there is no problem in determining the strategy itself, it is necessary to combine one to fight

in actual work, people tend to regard employees as subordinates, ignoring their feelings and the enforceability of things, and the result will be conflicts. If you think of middle tier teams as users and how to make them more efficient and do better, the solutions given will be more effective.

then, how do you ensure that your team is part of the implementation strategy? 10%, which needs to be examined and improved from two aspects of the boss and the middle team.

6, don’t let me go to learn what professional software always said "don’t let me go to investment to do something, I don’t want to see the code, I now hurry to make money, no time to learn, also cannot read" — who is do not know how to understand the


13, see a tutorial or propaganda tactics and samples, try to use the same method to make different effects to

I’ve seen a team that has a strong execution. The boss talked and arranged a job. As soon as the meeting was over, the department head started to take the lead. Boss did not say, he can also understand the main meaning of the work done more detailed arrangement. Even sometimes the boss idea has changed, it is without demur turn a direction lead us to promote. In a word, the middle layers of these companies understand their roles — helping the boss to get things done and see the results. Often these companies have relatively strong fighting power in the market.


1, don’t put the network to see how esoteric, it is just a tool to make money


boss wants to ensure that the strategy of thinking is executable, highly executable, and more executable than in the past. The new strategy should ensure that each participant is able to achieve higher input output ratios, perform more enjoyable, and perform better. In this way, everyone will have energy. On the right time, you will find a team throughout, shirupozhu. If the strategy is wrong, even if it is difficult to improve the strategy, leading to difficulties in implementation, will also be everyone’s conflict.


at the boss level, the first thing to consider is whether the project is feasible in our company. Some ideas do have a strategically advantageous position, but lack of enforceability, and the team is unwilling to do the same.

12, it is better to keep your default search from the address bar are replaced by sh419 or shlf1314, flexible to use search engines, then you will find that almost all the questions you want to ask the online presentation than others to give you a detailed explanation of the


, for example, a boss said that XX company has been successful, we are no worse than others, and it is no problem to be a XX. But being successful doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. Apple and shlf1314 have not taken the social world, and this is not simply a factor in human and effort.



this situation is quite common in enterprises, there is a survey results – only 10% of the strategy can be effectively implemented. One of the important reasons why strategy can not be effectively implemented is the problem of middle and high level teams.

8, not only asked not to learn, not by others could not help you a lifetime, can only give you the methods and ideas of


10, do not always feel that they have no time, you are still young, their first encounter problems about an hour, there is no answer when trying to ask someone


14, often to the release of some software and website promotion forum, see, see you are interested in software and tutorials, Download back one hour of time, you will find that the original basic knowledge of computer is that the cumulative


4, do not look down upon the basic things, such as the most basic forum, use our website content and background of each section of the most basic, take a few days to study it, maybe you can find you haven’t found something, often high technology and rich experience is composed of the most basic the technology and experience of the

! !

9, a most important thing is to have patience, to be able to adhere to, not only see the immediate benefits and achievements, ten Zhang high-rise from the ground

11, take 3 hours to send 50 promotional stickers, rather than spend 5 hours to send a quality


3, don’t try to grasp every knowledge on the Internet, who can not learn, the most relevant part to work with you on it

2, ask 10 people, better than your own brains and hands of a real thing

15, not simply to make money and to promote, not only to make money and to communicate with others, you must keep at it, these are your business experience, not to your adult, may your customers will be very good friends. "

, chairman of an enterprise, told me that with the recent blossoming of spring and the growth of all things, he also thought about the strategy of the enterprise for a considerable period of time and thought it was time to lead the team forward at full speed. But he was worried about the execution of the team. His previous experience is given a few important things, the conference also talked a few times, but the implementation is not behind the shrinking discount is no echo.

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