Li Mingyuan now is not the best time to do the productDo not do this old gun director farmer son Sik

because we start a lot of entrepreneurship, must be starting from the product.

compared to the surrounding opposition, 30 years, 4000 yuan contract fee for Wang Shaochun is really can not go hom. Since chose to Sike in the end, the first year paid 800 yuan, borrowed 200 yuan for third years, there is no way, bite the bullet and sold the old house, with his wife, had a dog, go to the mountains and built a small house, lived a life of firewood for cooking.

no one expected that the barren hills 14 years ago are now a treasure!

later he learned that the mountain behind it was an extinct volcano, and the soil beneath the mountain was slightly different from the soil of the ordinary farmland, resulting in a difference in the taste of the cherry. Coupled with topographic factors, Wang Shaochun’s cherry trees do not produce stagnant water in rain weather, and are less threatened by a natural disaster.

you must first clear all of the company’s descriptions of the product’s function definition and the documentation of the module sketch. Put aside these surface, follow Li Mingyuan to ponder over carefully: "what is the nature of the product? What is it?".

such as fashion, the industry has only 100 years of history, in fact, is the style, material, length, color of a variety of permutations and combinations, can be exhausted. But will you become a leader in the fashion industry when you know this?.

electricity providers to come to the door, is the "stubborn" original

many companies feel that our products are doing poorly, it does not matter. Other companies do well. I’ll just copy them. The product manager will give me a job in this industry.

he told reporters that he believed he could, and that he had taken a fancy to the natural, unpolluted reservoir.

actually, in my opinion, the product itself is a very broad concept. Today, the product still has a very strong meaning. Because the products we are defining now are not those functions and modules defined in your company’s MRD MarketRequirement, Document, market requirements documentation requirements document.

famous Internet people, Senior Product Manager Li Mingyuan in May 6th in the chaotic yanxishe speech, explains what is a "must listen repeatedly to digest" top class products, as the first begins with the conception of module is.

Fushan District Zhang Ge Zhuang Zhen cherry growers Wang Shaochun

After all,

is this the best time to make a product? That’s a big problem. Today’s Internet majors, as well as the traditional profession, are quite different from the past.

Internet thinking reduced to one dimension, only products. In May, chaotic yanxishe heavy launch product innovation module: the former vice president of sh419 Li Mingyuan, millet ecological chain responsible person Liu De, storm mirror CEO Huang Xiaojie, from product to product competition rules iteration and philosophy, so that products from "learning" to "art" break one by one.

you should realize that the products you sell are not shoes and skirts, but the trend of confidence and beauty that users use. For women, wearing a skirt is not just what she needs.


he said excitedly, especially a sense of accomplishment, because he has been out of the more than 1000 Sike cherry tree, cherry flavor than ordinary cherry to many delicious.

in such an era, we discuss products, the meaning is not big,

is that information is highly symmetrical and competition is very hot. Many businesses have become capital intensive and channel intensive.

I can understand your interest in the product very much.

never worked on the farm of the "old gun" Wang Shaochun to reclaim 200 acres of barren hills and no road, no electricity, no communication, family opposition, other farmers also firmly said "it is absolutely not out!" but Wang Shaochun is stubborn to be a pioneer.


Wang Shaochun, an out of town, Fushan District of Yantai City Zhang Ge Zhuang "agriculture two generation", as a director in the city, suddenly put down these props, return the mountains, picked up a hoe, nobody in Menlou reservoir side of the barren hills and the cherry.

" !

, this is not a product.

old gun son selling himself open barren Sike a treasure

what is a product,

at the edge of the reservoir, in order to guarantee the living water > Zhang Ge Zhuang Town and the surrounding residents

so you understand the method, does not mean you can make products. You understand the product, with the user to you >

just picked cherries, come and eat! Delicious!" Wang Bo dark face is just a smile, a kick to greet us to eat cherries, and he sat in the morning meeting room panruoliangren.

The biggest difference between

‘s real product is to meet user needs, pain points, create pleasure for users, or cost savings brought about by the feelings. This feeling can be perceived as well as impossible to perceive.

two years of reclamation, light work even the moonlight, sweat and jumped into the reservoir in the bath, lonely and his wife say, play with the dog…… Road construction, soil consolidation, water diversion, planting trees, and finally ushered in the eighth year of cherry red, but also left a big and small scar on the head.

"come and go, eat directly, what organic and green are not as clean as I grow," said Wang, picking two cherries from the tree.

returned to his mountain, looking at his nuts, he make a love of farmers, this is the ideal life he chose 14 years ago.

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