Signature business detailslinktech alliancechinapub online bookstore to purchase special offer promo

  china-pub online bookstore special purchase in autumn 50 days!!!

chinapub member of the new plan, not only can enjoy preferential discount books, but also can get a china-pub for your custom 17cm PUB Tactic bear "! Export products, soft material, exquisite workmanship, super good feel! Love friends do not hesitate!

by selling books across the board offers 10% – 20%!

does not limit the original membership level! Do not limit the purchase of variety, number! As long as the

Beijing university service area per unit of unlimited FREE SHIPPING!

signature service recently very fire, a number of alliances on the line of the business, many sites have also hung signature advertisements are summarized next is to let everyone know the change of advertising, but also to promote and introduce a way to increase the webmaster

1. signature advertisements for Web: music, movies, novels, and other entertainment station are suitable for

large flow station can separate contact again

alliance, contact :754683334

3. revenue and divided into: as ringtone SMS, by channel billing, is generally two yuan to one yuan channel are deducted the cost of mobile phone users or a webmaster to two yuan, usually 1 yuan, 0.7 yuan, the general users to download one to six steps, one step a billing. The income should be 10 thousand yuan IP50 is normal, according to different user groups in different stations, different traffic quality will have a certain fluctuation.

2. types of advertising: at present still floating advertising effect in the bottom right corner of the page for the best

are interested can join the group 50822684 exchange experience, problems can also enter the search for answers.

alliance latest news by poison is responsible, please contact representatives of the League immediately contact, released daily union dynamics!

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