WeChat advertising is a number of public resources docking

now do a lot of public numbers are lack of advertising resources, because advertising is connected every day, so every day to find. There are a lot of personal part-time do not have time to pull advertising. Many people want to find the number of public advertising resources can not find advertising resources. At present, most of the public order is found in the QQ group inside. QQ group is not a good place is difficult to find information, a scraper disappeared, and a lot of people do not often online.


there is only one of these public numbers can only be pushed once a day, if there is no predetermined list, then there is no harvest. So a lot of public numbers in the afternoon to talk about the list will be cheaper than in the morning to talk about, because if not, then pushed the time to eat eggs today. This is not what we do, when you want to send advertising can control their own. So if you have time, you can actually do it. You get 10% per basic Advertising Commission is not excessive. I also have a public number, if there is such an agent to help us to do these things, I am quite willing to. Because every day sent to the group lira advertisement should be looking for a long time, it is a waste of manpower, and sometimes may not be able to pull, because dozens of group is not always staring at you. So I’m sure you’ll be willing to pay a commission if you do that.

we do not look down on this 10% Commission, the current number of public advertising WeChat received at least dozens to one million. And you can accumulate to these advertising resources, advertisers and traffic master butt. In a year, you can become the mobile advertising industry expert. In the late stage of resource cooperation, the conversion rate of these data you have to master, I think a lot of people will send money to you. So there are some personal micro signal business is also a big gold mine. However, the most important thing is that such things do not have to invest, the basic human. Even if not do not lose much money.

as if we are now the company’s real estate intermediary aunt is 2. Here is the more than 2 thousand suite of intermediary business is to eat them, and here the removal rate is high, because it was originally to the housing. A lot of people are working here. The company is not suitable for a large, there are a lot of small companies, do a few months do not go up. The outside line is 50% intermediary commission, they only accept 30% intermediary fees, 20% less than the intermediary company. So almost to find the house are looking for their. They put a small table at the entrance, write a few words and telephone there, do not have to do so on the phone. Owners are also very reassuring to them, because they are also the owners here, in fact, neighbors, we are familiar with. Now they can rent almost 2 to 3 units a day, about an average of about 600 to 800 commission per day. The 3 offices I’m renting are called for. The 2 aunts each month at least more than 20 thousand of the income. For a housewife, I am so envious of the income

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