Build a big garbage dump and you have to take 5 factorsHow to use Taobao search to build their own h

summary of the first paragraph: choose hot and large advertising themes, according to advertising website text advertising is popular

below to tell you Taobao search: search flow is how big, Taobao store station flow can account for 40% to 45%. This is a normal Taobao store traffic composition. This is a basic skill for everyone

in Taobao how to use natural search to build their own shop, and now many people think that if not in Taobao do pay promotion, Taobao will not give you a good shop ranking, but in fact not. Taobao has been put into their own culture of martial arts culture, martial arts culture in which two Kung Fu is a very powerful Jiuyang Magic Power is a great Shift of the universe. If we choose what we will choose? I think many people will choose the great Shift of the universe, because it has a lot of Kung Fu moves to take over with others Kung fu. The Jiuyang Magic Power just skills, even practice will also not have too many tricks. But no matter what practice, martial arts need to have a strong foundation. If there is no Jiuyang Magic Power is never great Shift of the universe and will zouhuorumo. This is an example to illustrate the fact that there are two distinct genres of Taobao in today’s world. One is the great Shift of the universe is a Jiuyang Magic Power genre genre. The so-called great Shift of the universe is our common schools explosion etc.. We can see that a shop will erupt in an instant, through hard, broad and other means. But the store’s internal strength may not be very good. If there is no good internal strength, the conversion rate is impossible to guarantee. If there is no good internal strength to support the conversion rate, do more advertising is wasted.

followed by search engine promotion, what forum ah, sh419’s stick bar, know, go,


, this seems like a bullshit, but it’s a matter of fact. Do you stand for your money or your hobby? Ask yourself, because a profitable website might not be in line with your interests.


3. promotes.

1. wants to make a lot of money. Choose target.

first, the amount of data to the website, the data for our small webmaster now is not very difficult, usually with a collection of CMS. here I will not introduce, I usually use FS access. The space around 1G is enough picture stand excluded. We choose one or several successful sites, as our target.

so how to make their shops do not spend money to achieve the ultimate? In fact, any data support is not a fallacy. In this era, Taobao must speak with data. Taobao commonly used two tools, one is the data cube, one is quantum statistics. Believe that Taobao is not strange to these two. The biggest difference between e-commerce and traditional enterprises is that it gives a lot of data support. For example, we run a traditional clothing store, we purchase channels may be based on the store’s own vision to purchase. But what about it? A lot of the time, you don’t think much of the clothes that you think are very good. But it’s possible that the clothes you thought were common came out of sales. What is the reason? Because the manager is looking at the problem from his own point of view, not from the customer’s point of view. Or we want to look at this from the customer’s point of view or not from the eyes of the vast majority of customers. Why? Because we can’t understand the vast majority of customers. But at Taobao, it’s possible. Because there is data. That’s why the data are so important. This let us in dealing with the problem is no longer on the basis of one-sided viewpoint we really from the customer’s perspective to see the product, we develop for marketing intuition, quickly enhance our experience value. Taobao’s data is that we do Taobao online raiders. Such a strategy, managers have not used in the day-to-day operations,


want to make money, it is necessary to have a choice of the theme of the site, should be for more content, can not attract too many eyeballs, so you can not earn money, or earn less than.

second, in addition to the content layout. This is also very important, first of all should be beautiful, conducive to search engines, it is best to use Web2.0. Then consider the position of advertising, advertising can see some optimization position of the article, sh419 and shlf1314. This time we want to appropriate " template in time; SEO". We can look at the relevant website.

2. do a good job on the site,

that’s easy to say, but it’s not easy to do,

first, you must choose a hot topic. You can pass the shlf1314 trend or sh419 index, or sh419 billboard to observe that content is the most popular nowadays. This is not enough, if you choose the value but also to compare these themes! How do you see? This is the second, see you choose the theme is " high " keywords, whether this kind of advertising industry advertising! See how much! sh419, shlf1314 has this, what Adwords, what is the competitive ranking; we selected the target, in other words, according to advertising website.

exchange links. Don’t be afraid of being someone else that you copied from " ", bold and similar to the theme of your site of bovine B site exchange links, in order to show sincerity, you first do others. Others do not agree with the link also don’t take them off, the time to discuss with him again, always even several the quality of.

so we have a website almost ready. Here is the promotion of.

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