9158 Fu int oral grass root a flower in the eyes of the nternet economyLiu Yonghao Ren Zhengfei M

9158, CEO, Fu Zhengjun is not afraid to say that, 9158 is Hangzhou’s second largest Internet Co, in the national Internet unlisted enterprises, regardless of income and profits are the highest.

documents show that the major shareholders include interactive Columba founder and chairman Fu Zhengjun, Sina’s Sina and Hongkong private equity fund IDG.

but when you have the opportunity to listen to the Fu int about his view on the Internet, and seriously study his 9158, you will feel this man really is a wonderful work in the field of the internet grow Chinese.

Abstract: the person who ordered has run, his wife kneels on the ground, let us forgive him." There was a faint sadness in Liu Yonghao’s tone. Cornered, the brothers meet, discuss is to jump from the Minjiang River Bridge, or incognito Yuandun Xinjiang.

below is Fu Zhengjun’s oral record:

9158 revenue in 2013 was 548 million yuan, an increase of 20%. In 2011, the figure was 384 million yuan, up from 456 million yuan in 2012. 9158 in 2013, the net profit was 206 million yuan, an increase of 30%. In 2011, the figure was 140 million yuan. In 2012, the figure was 158 million yuan.

you don’t believe us? We don’t either.

at that time HUAWEI had tens of thousands of employees, and new employees poured in every day. In Ren Zhengfei’s words, "how many documents do you need to send out to guide and constrain the company’s operations? You can imagine what it’s like to be confused.". You can’t run without an idea." The state of chaos and pressure made Ren Zhengfei understand for the first time the executives who could not afford to choose to commit suicide. He said, "focus your attention on baking in the sun, and you know that CEO is not good.". More than more than 10 hours of work a day, is still confused, in creased clothes, the intersection of internal and external contradictions."

suffered a double whammy, and Ren Zhengfei had to start again without even grieving. Because he has a child and a daughter, as well as retired old parents, as well as 6 younger brothers and sisters need to take care of.

why do video sites can only burn? Why the Internet mode will free? Why small bosses and migrant workers can prop up a Internet Co? Why an income of 2000 yuan for migrant workers are willing to spend 1000 yuan per month in the global top…… Well, I’m not interested in how much money 9158 earns.

Fu Zhengjun is a man with a story. His 9158 is interesting.

9158 is my second venture. The first venture was in 2000. I founded the website text advertising exchange League "Taiji chain", and won the venture capital of $1 million as the fund of the United states. If >

after many years of hard work, HUAWEI has finally ushered in the great development, in 2001, Ren Zhengfei in internal publications published in the "HUAWEI winter". After this article, with the bursting of the Internet bubble, HUAWEI’s winter came in 2002.

and so forth, about 2003 years ago, Ren Zhengfei’s health broke down, suffering from various diseases, two had cancer surgery, but his support, his optimism.

1987, the 43 year old Ren Zhengfei was a pit in Nanyou 2 million of the loan, and the wife in various family conflicts to break up with him.

we compiled some bigwigs in the most difficult moments entrepreneurship is how to survive, carefully, the original bigwigs can have today’s achievement is not easy, the most difficult time, they have cried.

1, HUAWEI Ren Zhengfei: half a year’s nightmare, often wake up crying

According to Hong Kong media

Ren Zhengfei said: "in 2002, the company almost collapsed.". IT bubble burst, the company’s internal and external contradictions intersection, but I can do nothing to control the company, half a year is a nightmare, wake up often cry."

9158 company’s headquarters in Hangzhou, and Beijing’s Internet Co is good at making different concepts, Zhejiang businessmen business thinking is simple, is to make money. From 2005 to now, poly music network 9158 has been in development for 30 million active users, 700 thousand users online at the same time, 1-2 million registered users. An annual income of several hundred million yuan, a typical company that makes a lot of money.

"can not copy, learn not to go" is a good model,


was forced to make a living and Ren Zhengfei had to start his own business. He founded HUAWEI with 21000 yuan of funds. For the first two years, the company was mainly selling HAX switches in Hongkong and making profit on the price difference. An accidental opportunity, a program-controlled exchange product friends, let Ren Zhengfei help him sell some equipment, there have been several experiences, Ren Zhengfei sprouted his idea of doing.

a difficult start than the surface seen dressed much more, in the course of business, capital, market, talent, management, contacts, various problems will make entrepreneurs always have a difficult feeling.

is what the company? 9158? Never heard of, never mind, because you weren’t their target users.

news, real-time social video platform 9158 video community Columba interactive parent company today listed in Hong Kong, close to the issue price of HK $5.28 offer price cap pricing. Columba interactive announced a public offering in Hong Kong, part 7502 valid applications received a total subscription of HK $2 billion 316 million, which shares was oversubscribed 75.13 times.

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