Three new board is the real gem will become a unique market n ndia water test new retail Lei Jun

India is only 17% of the population are intelligent mobile phone users, even India is already the world’s second largest smart mobile phone users market prospects, as can be imagined market increment, and the degree of competition is comparable to the Chinese thousand machines war.

and for brokers, the new three board business needs to improve where there are many, brokers can not make the market business simply understood as an investment business, brokerage firms should provide liquidity.

I mentioned in my article that "retail investors are calculating revenues in days and agencies are calculating annual revenues, while the country’s reforms are at least 5 years as a scale."." Now is the fourth year of the birth of the new three board, to 2018 just completed a "five year cycle."". Take a long-term look at the past 5 years, the new three board has actually made great achievements – a solid market base has been formed.

new three board has become a veritable "gem", will also become a unique market

so far, in India, the most popular thousand machine market has become the main battlefield of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers. OV copied the way in China, grab the line, distributors, channels, airports, cell phone shops, roads, shopping malls… Every place where India consumers appear is blue and green. It is precisely this way to play, so that once relying on online channels in 2015 to become sales of Wang, occupy 14.97% of the market share of millet, at 2>

, the earliest home of millet in China, opened in late 2011, and plans to open 30 offline experience stores in the following year. He really erupted in September 12, 2015, the first home of millet shop in Beijing contemporary mall opened after a millet line under the crazy paved, 28 days this month will be in Shanghai Yi Fengcheng opened 100th millet home. For 5 or 6 years, China has set up 100 offline stores, and millet has decided to double its speed in India.

new three board market since the end of 2013 to the country, and now, there seems to be a lot of negative voices.

in Zhang Keliang’s view, the new three board is a veritable gem, is China’s real capital market.

According to the survey

take A stock market, since 90s has been developed to the present, during which there are many imperfections, such as cattle short bear long, was "cut leek" and so on. In this process, it constantly improve itself, such as the current major shareholder reduction system, is to further improve the market.

In the three quarter mobile tracking data report released by The following is a Keliang oral

compared to A shares, the new three board is China’s capital market subversive institutional arrangements, and this is why we are optimistic about the new three board.

pictures for Lei Jun released in May 23rd micro-blog screenshot.

in November 2016, Micromax, India’s local mobile phone, still had a 7.5% market share, ranking third in IDG. Data are reported in the first quarter of this year, Samsung smart mobile phone shipments accounted for 26% of the India market, and the top five of the other four intelligent mobile phone manufacturer from all China followed by 13% vivo12%, OPPO10%, millet, Lenovo 8%.

new three board of private equity significance, far beyond most people imagine. Well-known private institutions succeed in three, there may be a hundred eighty, may also produce like Blackstone as great investment institutions.



"plan for the next two years to open 100 millet millet home in India, Mumbai, Hyderabad, in Delhi, Chennai and other cities, which has a separate area for Rice noodles experience millet products Manu Jain said.

in February this year has not yet been determined to get the India business license of millet, three months later, the new store has opened, the speed is not unpleasant. With a strong Internet factors, at the beginning of entering India millet millet line, at this time will be more resources into the layout of the line, roughly nothing less than the following two aspects:

have you ever thought that any big policy, and eventually reach an ideal state, will gradually accumulate social consensus, you need to go through a process. Capital market reform is even more so, because it contains a lot of institutional arrangements, very complex.

millet millet opened the first home in India, known as the "India line retail strategy important milepost event" on the first day of Millet’s family also gives a good answer, the founder Lei Jun millet directly micro-blog and millet @ India responsible person Manu Jain, visible 12 small business achievements amounting to 5 million 330 thousand yuan we lit the small noodle looking strategy.

‘s experience in China no longer relies solely on online channels,

"I’ll see that the new three plate is a deep well, and the well water is inexhaustible.". I am willing to wait, "the Northeast Securities Keliang said to understand Zhang junru.

within five years, not only more than 10000 companies have been listed, but also achieved a hierarchy. More significantly, more social resources have been integrated into the market. Among them, including brokers, firms, investment institutions, intermediary services, etc., are in the market, >

he believes that the significance of the new three board of private equity, far beyond most people imagine. Well-known private institutions succeed in three, there may be a hundred eighty, may also produce like Blackstone as great investment institutions.

in addition, Zhang said that the new three board business team or department, is the real "investment bank", from which they will produce China’s "Wall Street" type investment banks.

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