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my first suggestion: Chinese Internet business environment, the future is bright, the road is tortuous, the wireless Internet and create more opportunities for entrepreneurs, but the requirement of higher than ten years ago a lot, but the threshold is not more money can go across. When we are silly, who got a sum of money in the Internet occupies a piece of land, as long as they do not make a big mistake can be "left" for the king; now there are some out of business mode, start-up companies wade out a road, rivers and lakes bigwigs put this model to copy. In fact, plagiarism is not terrible, terrible is that you have more resources than others, users.

for intermediaries, one is far from enough, so according to the amount of information found


website development needs funds, only profit in order to promote the development site, of course, there are some webmaster fans, it is another matter! Today we are aiming at the rise of the plant site, analysis of the profit model. Starting point is different: the profit of workshop website is different from common information website, cannot rely solely on the flow, rely on alliance income to gain. After all, due to the particularity of the workshop type website, the target customer groups are more professional and single; the traffic of each city workshop website is not high.

as long as your factory site in the city to get a good ranking and weight, the release of information will also be increasing


all information is released free of charge, free of charge, but confidential. Only paid members are allowed to view

3, membership fee

second suggestions: don’t start narrowlyunderstood into a company and give your name card box called themselves, CEO, to the understanding of the market, an idea into a mature business model requires the accumulation of experience. So, just entering the arena, to join other people’s company, spend other people’s money to practice their ability is also very good. Moreover, with the accumulation and promotion of experience, one day you will form a team yourself, you will find that you can not do it yourself, you may need a CEO, a product expert.

advantages: control the amount of information released by different member groups, such as regular members can issue one every day, and can guarantee daily updates,

entry level chapter

advantages: a lot of information on the site, to ensure that the original ranking.

disadvantages: as the information release the identity of staff is difficult to audit, many customers in the pay per view information, found mostly mediated release, or the release of information has already expired rental or sale, therefore, may be on the website of the credibility of doubt. Late fees, not long.

"in the early days of the company, it was the most dangerous time of the company. It was easy to die, and it was difficult to find the right direction.". The teacher is in the experience of Silicon Valley for so many years, precipitation in this industry, passed down from generation to generation, many of the company’s successful Silicon Valley why fast? Because every company has not made from scratch, to repeat the mistakes of others."

third suggestions: start early to less utilitarian, not to solve financial problems to start an undertaking. You really like what, really see a problem, you can solve it, then you do it. Not necessarily to finance huge sums, to be listed. If even 100 thousand dollars have not spent, and have to go to finance hundreds of millions of dollars, I personally feel that this experience is meaningless.

for Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs should have in mind, have the ability to learn, young entrepreneurs to accept the master, master not to flatter you, but to challenge you, he will continue to tell the problems and issues that you do, to give you a lot of suggestions, you put the master for 10 years through two or three years of experience, many entrepreneurs to absorb, the progress will be faster.

for factory type site, its profit without less than the following methods, but in the operation before, you have to ensure that your site has rankings, flow, otherwise, all is empty talk.

fourth suggestions: I often receive a business plan, of course, may also is not my eye, but from the probability, if a person has no accumulation of business plan to do a big problem, I think it is not reliable. Take Facebook for example, the real history is? Is to contact every person in the world? If not, is said to Harvard girls school, Harvard boys can see their pictures on a website. < >

2: information check charges: difficult operation, there are sequelae


in addition, four suggestions for Entrepreneurs:

two method is more common, and want to make money for lazy plant webmaster, but profitability in general, belongs to the passive type

disadvantages: emerging such as 58 city, Ganji and other sites classified information, information audit is relatively difficult to do, after all the other free web site too much, the customer can choose classified site free release


live off the success of proved free and charges can coexist, but the website ranking, popularity requirements extremely high!

has the advantages of convenient charging, no worries, do not worry about taking such methods leads to update fast, after all, is your own website, you can control the background by the day, pick one or two do you like free, as long as the guarantee of a point that can be updated every day.


1: information audit fees: most of the factory site profit model for this type.


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