s it worth investing in many controversial issuesFor entrepreneurs who want to join the electricity

Abstract: another good way to close the business cycle is to incubate your own ecological chain. Tencent relies on a huge amount of traffic, hatching out the game, news portal, payment, electricity providers and other services.

the United States took a famous battle, emerged as one of the most love users three short video platform, according to iResearch report, short video platform users about 62.4% China will beat the United States listed as one of the three most popular short video platform. From January 2016 to May 2016 during a visit to the short video platform in their application of the average monthly number of active devices, Chinese short video platform at the top of the GIF, including the fast beauty shot, small, and small coffee show the second shot, which beat the United States ranked second.

Mito has completed the picture + hardware + social layout. In the field of landscaping pictures, Mito App Yiqijuechen, even so many years there are various pictures of red burst landscaping software, such as the face, adorable footprint, every P maps and so on, can not shake the dominant position, in the App Store photography in the top ten in the list, Mito Department of long-term occupation of the the first five positions.

more importantly, in 2016, more people watched the second half of the Internet, but it was still running low.

user. Now, Mito products have covered 11 mobile devices worldwide, the total number of overseas users also exceeded 370 million. You know, there are only 8 companies with more than 1 billion subscribers, and the only one is not a listed company.

June 2016, the United States took the number of monthly active users reached about 141 million people, the United States took application users spend time on the film in the United States, the United States took from May 2014 launched the first 12.9 minutes of June 2016 increased to 31.5 minutes;

just as the manager of our marketing department told me he was going out to do it himself, he asked me if I wanted to go out with him and talk to me about what’s going on. Now think of it really is a bit funny, shortly after the two of us in the company has resigned to the boss suspicious, when I came to the new company responsible for the work and no different from what day, or like a migrant worker in the network on the brick panel. Only one difference is I come into contact with a new job when the company started slowly on track to profit, my previous manager, now the boss began to give yourself a lot of leisure time, so often go out with a girlfriend. This led to the shortage of staff at the customer service, and I was transferred to the customer service to help. During the period of customer service, I learned how to communicate with customers, how to deal with and deal with customer complaints, and the process of delivery and coordination with express delivery. After working for nearly a year in this company, the company’s performance began to decline, and the mobility of the staff was relatively large. At this time, I chose to resign, after understanding a small electricity supplier company, I feel that if you want to start the capital is sufficient. If you go to a similar company at this time, you won’t learn much more than you do now, and if you choose another big company, you can do it. And their resources and channels that I can not match, so I now with my own hands of capital, but also able to set up such a small electricity supplier company.

but your impression of Mito stays only in picture processing, and that’s a big mistake.

the second half of the Internet, it completed the ecological layout of

/ Wang,

‘s resignation, I opened my own company and operated in accordance with the company’s processes and patterns, but the network environment

Shortly after


about the power of live broadcast, we all know. With short video and live influence, micro-blog pushed to a market capitalization of $10 billion. And unfamiliar street after the introduction of live broadcast, the overall market value soared to $5 billion, and its Q3 earnings show that live revenue has accounted for 69% of revenue. The current overall valuation of Mito is only $5 billion, which is >

2014, Mito launched a beauty shot, successfully upgraded to broadcast video and pictures to beautify the community — in 2016, the face of the mobile Internet and video clips of the outbreak in January 2016, Mito launched a beautiful shot broadcast platform, and the successful implementation of two flow conversion:


the author himself is a 90, post-secondary graduation has more than 3 years, after graduation, first in supermarkets over a few months time. Later because of the Internet industry enthusiasm and resolutely to join IT ranks among the migrant workers, because I do not have what experience so in time to start looking for work in this area is around the wall. Until a small electricity supplier in the recruitment of new people, the author with a sincere attitude to win the opportunity. The boss of the company is a southerner, and the company is in a remote area far from the center of the city. Generally small and medium-sized network companies like this will choose the "home office" mode, mainly to save costs, the boss has both the company and the living place. The structure of the company is also very simple, nothing more than a 1~2 customer service personnel responsible for consulting, a website for website construction and website maintenance program, an artist responsible for web page design and website, a number of network promotion in charge of network of products for free promotion I was one of them. In this company for more than half of the time, I became familiar with some of the mode of operation of such electricity supplier companies, have their own idea of entrepreneurship but when their own or lack of experience, coupled with the time is not mature so no action.

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