Pea Pod hacking marathon mode of operationShare my experiences with Taobao customers

what is Design Hackathon?

plays an important role in product designers’ pea pods, and Design Hackathon’s approach is widely operational. How does it work for efficient creative collection and product definition?

Design Hackathon is more appropriate for the product definition phase. In the design direction and the target is not clear, Design Hackathon can quickly find the product may exist in various directions, with a "collect people long" way to find product ideas landing. In this process, the team’s inspiration and creativity can often be fully stimulated.

K after the station, in a television play found a rebate network Taobao shopping rebate, began to ask around this program, we value rebate program, is that everyone has a petty habits, the rebate have seized this user psychology, shopping on the rebate, we feel will be willing to accept. I dig everywhere in this kind of program, then tap into a rebate program with the help of friends, I quickly good construction site, began to promote the operation for a period of time found a few problems, want to get the rebate must be registered user account, when shopping we harvest the Commission to come up with half to users both sides, are not many, now users are small amount not much interest, website operation for a period of time did not have much money to registered users, more didn’t earn much, so the node to the user account, give a rebate station operation.

Two failed We all know that Taobao

customers by helping businesses, Taobao promotion of commercial profit, how to promote these goods? Most of Taobao – the choice is the construction of Taobao off site, and for "written in the group I utterly ignorant of the introduction of choosing API Taobao customer program. API guest program must we all know only need a website, APPKEY can call to set the background to help businesses promote commodities. Just started doing included is good, but with the Taobao off site spread, more and more people use these procedures, caused a lot of pages in the search engine included in the repeat. The search engine on the K station, API station Tao are basically rely on search engines to eat, in a time of search engine update, many websites one by one by K, I stood in the incompetence of search engines on API apparently spared, the station has begun to shield, prompted me to abandon the API website operation. API operation for 1 months, a total income of more than 27.

in October, I have been in the Taobao road passenger for 5 months, from a dish can be rolled into the dish owners now have the guest stationmaster income. For Taobao, many owners still confused how to achieve profitability, the author to share, I experienced the past few months, hope to help everyone.

more than 4 months ago, geek Park into the pea pods, recorded a team of such a hundred people how to achieve efficient work. One mentioned, pea pods on a large scale adjustment of management structure in June last year, the original department matrix reorganized into a more flat project, when a new project is determined, will determine the corresponding design, development and operation of temporary staff to form a project team. Upon completion of the project, the project team disbanded and reorganized for the next project or entry into other projects.

pea pod is the absence of a dedicated product manager. When a project is established, the product designer is responsible for the overall design of the product. Product designers play a pivotal role in shaping the various products of the pea pod. Then based on the efficient project, pea pods designers follow the product design method of what? In the last week of the IxDC 2013 Internet Conference, pea pods in the "brand design workshop" form for the first time introduced has been widely used in the internal "Design Hackathon" design of Marathon method.

Another feature of the

Design Hackathon, as the name suggests, will soon introduce the thinking model of hacker marathon into product design. All participating designers, engineers need to be in a certain period of time to brainstorm ways, as much as possible to conceive the possibilities associated with the product, and then sort out the core concepts and requirements of the product from the direction of the product design, sort out and form a product prototype.

Hackathon" believes that many people can literally see it as a combination of Hack programming and Marathon marathon, a "hacker marathon" favored by programmers and technical enthusiasts. In a variety of hacker marathon events, participants write programs in a cooperative manner, often in the process of setting limits or directions.

Design Hackathon notes "

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operation to find the user must rely on search engines, see a group of friends in the single page station income is higher than the one, single page station of the goods are of their choice, we are promoting some profits products get more commissions, it also makes me want to promote the construction of a single page station, but I was not "design basis, the user wants to see the beautiful page, looking for someone to do the price is very high, so every day I turn to turn to find the way, inadvertently found A5 in a group of Taobao Jinlan guest single page station software etuan/deal/521 to see in several cases, resolutely bought down, and then began mining profits products, found a >

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