Tell me about the ad that your website should chooseThe chain of home agent the number as high as 10

1, in the end to the society to create what value chain or no chain of what will be different; 2 of us in the end is what scene to provide what people what value? I think a lot of entrepreneurs can also ask yourself.

What is the meaning of our existence

also remind everyone to pay attention to your website statistics function of their own, don’t let the virus in their own website, as recent statistics will also mount virus, I just refer to someone else’s article on the contents of a reminder, I have not met the statistical mount virus, just friendship remind you webmaster, we should be ready to be let the Trojan virus invasion of their.

now chain home has more than 100 brokers, the outside world is also often discussed, chain family had to struggle with the big company disease, solve the management radius expansion process contradiction. In this regard, I thought for a long time, and finally concluded: if the broker when employees, more than 10 million people too difficult, but if the broker when the customer, the more than 10 million people do not matter.


the past two years, many enterprises, especially in the analysis of the intermediary industry chain of home, I never respond, because their evaluation is not important for me, I am not an arrogant person, but they don’t understand us.


high frequency trading, from the line to line to do relatively easy; low frequency, line down to the line to do relatively easy, because the offline experience is very important, this is the service as the core.

I used to answer, or throw two colleagues to think about.


if you do sh419 ranking, you must pay attention to your site is at the Mount Ali Mama advertising, recently sh419 advertising on Ali’s mother was limited to low Mount Ali mother site down the right treatment, a series of this. Let us know the importance of network news, not gossip the news, we should know some Internet industry competition, timely avoid danger, so that we can avoid the loss of self interests! Recommend more stationmaster net www.admin5 to see some articles, so that you will understand the network trend of

on the Internet, online and offline, in the past few years there are many discussions, such as: why the Internet industry in the real estate sector does not seem so big impact?

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generally do not love advertising alliance framework calls ", so that the framework calls web advertising we don’t choose, such as the general search engine is a very offensive pop alliance alliance, the Internet also think about their own hate those popups, saying it is Chinese " do not do to others as a webmaster " we should pay more attention to it, so as to seize the heart.

January 9th, financial China announced that the financial record of real estate and Beijing chain home and its operating shareholders entered into a capital increase agreement, financial record through the capital increase matters to 2 billion 600 million yuan price to obtain 6.25% stake in Beijing chain house. Thus calculated, the chain home valuation reached 41 billion 600 million.

advertising is the main channel of general webmaster profit, the website has flow after the advertising revenue can make some small relief, these ads will become the main advertising revenue, but now because of the advertising alliance and the search engine is slightly conflict, so we have to make a study of website promotion time to pay attention to the rules.

, less than a year from the last round of financing for the chain family. In April 2016, the chain completed the B round and B+ round of financing, the amount of about 7 billion yuan also known as the last round for B round of financing, the amount of 6 billion yuan, the valuation of 36 billion 850 million yuan.

because the Internet changes the industry, there are three rules, one is high frequency or low frequency; two is standardization or non standardization; three is offline integration is loose or concentrated?. And real estate is the first low frequency transactions, it is very difficult to find customers; secondly, the real estate line is non-standard, scattered.

now many people speak of the chain home is a benchmark for traditional enterprises to combat Internet companies, I am reluctant to carry this banner. Generally speaking, first of all, I do not want to carry any flag, second, these propositions are pseudo propositions.


so far, the chain home IPO is also put on the agenda. Today, let’s take a good look at this new unicorn,

: chain of strategic investor holdings chairman, Mr. Zuo Hui


the significance of an enterprise

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