Car market after another bankruptcy case The car ants announced the dissolution of the burned 20 m

complained that for a long time, still can not change the reality, now. Think about it, it’s better to start writing about my life. Life is alive, for what, not to mix food to eat! Want to mix food to eat, you have to get some notes, tickets are not good, oh, especially our generation, more people, less porridge. No nonsense, below, under some personal experience: born in 80s, graduated from high school in 2006 as in the school of computer in this high-tech interest, not on the University, was unemployed for a year, a year of science and technology, and go to work. Although the salary is not bad, but 2 years home, train tickets are bought by others. Well, why is money so good? I asked myself.

it is reported that the car ants founded in April 2013 in 2010, the transition to C2B, positioning itself as the car market after the local car life service platform, business involves automotive beauty, decoration, maintenance, etc.. The car ant to take C2B mode, namely the owner through sending car ants platform orders ", the information platform will be pushed directly to the car ants merchants, merchant services according to the scheme owner needs corresponding and offer, make an appointment to buy and choose one of the most satisfactory solution in a variety of custom businesses to provide the owners in the case, the final completion of the transaction.

, who does this generation bother,

when we are not looking for jobs, primary school students can be the leader of

when we haven’t been able to work, the work is assigned, too.

hunting cloud network learned today, yesterday evening, a reporter called the auto industry well-known in the micro-blog service after the electricity supplier company officially announced the dissolution of the car ants. Today, AC said, the car finance director ant Xiaodanna officially released last night announced the dissolution, confirmed the authenticity of the message.

The official statement by the company’s shareholders’ committee and the board of directors jointly decided that the company decided to sell the car, ant business or the form of company mergers and acquisitions to return the proceeds, the

when we excitedly to go in, they found themselves a fool

dear car ant shareholder:

below is a statement of the original:


when we can’t make money, the house is allocated,

, who does this generation bother,

that sells space

when we were in college, we didn’t pay

when we can earn money, but found that the house can not afford to buy,

when we can work, hit head broken and bleeding to find a hungry people work

when we don’t have babies, someone else can have a bunch of

when we are looking for jobs, college students can only wash the toilet


when we’re looking for someone, the girls are talking about gold,

when we were in primary school, we didn’t have to pay for college,

when we don’t know the website can make money, is a webmaster in counting money,

for primary school

when we ourselves learn to do web sites, it is the


told you regret, our common business car ants cause is currently facing a great challenge and at the crossroads of destiny; the entire car market are in dire straits, even though we have fallen but luckier than us tomorrow is still uncertain. Business model and business model car ants is to get market and capital recognized, but we are still unable to find a valid method to quickly scale, and today the capital market wind has not in the car, so the road behind the difficulties. To this end, the company’s shareholders’ committee and the board of directors jointly resolved: the company decided to sell vehicles, ants, or mergers and acquisitions in the form of return. Duration >

when we don’t get into the stock market, fools are making money,

when we’re not getting married, riding a bike can get married,

June 2013 Morningside venture $2 million angel financing, car service in the optimization process as well as the ants online offline experience at the same time, developed the mobile terminal products "car ants". "Car ants", "APP", "IOS" and "Android" versions were launched in 2014 and October April respectively. In April 2015 the car ant went on to win by the triumph of venture capital investment led, Morningside venture investment of 20 million dollars with the A round of financing; at the end of the same year, the company launched the car insurance.

, when we’re not looking for them, girls are

official said in a statement released to shareholders. For a period of 1 months, if the market does not find a buyer within a month, then apply for bankruptcy liquidation directly. A car ant, former executives anonymous said, the car is abandoned after the project, the team is still doing a new project.

well-known reporter in the industry, micro-blog screenshot

go home, Dad. Mom says you just play at home, so don’t waste our fare. I’m sad, I’m sorry. At home, nothing to do, boring, so trained under their own hobbies, Internet cafes. Every day online games to online games. Look at the stuff on the website, what’s boring, playing the time when you don’t know the website can make money, and one day you know a guy on the Internet, he says, "do you want to do something, I can?"

but anyway, the car ant business has failed.


when we want to have a baby, no one will give birth to more than

when we reach the age of marriage, there is no house car can not marry

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