Talking about how grassroots entrepreneurs start online

has become one of the hottest words on the Internet these days. What grassroots, grassroots culture, grassroots people, and so on, which is what grassroots, boils down to there are four main statements:

said a word: grassroots English grassroots that literal translation, contains two meanings, one is with the government or decision makers to the corresponding ones, one refers to the mainstream, the elite culture or the elite to the disadvantaged. The English Chinese Dictionary (Lu Gusun) lists grass-roots as an entry, indicating: 1) mass, grassroots; 2) rural areas; 3) basic;

two: Grassroots (grassroots) said, began in the United States in nineteenth Century, when the United States is immersed in the gold rush, when the rumors, mountains, soil, surface layer, grass growing places, the following contains gold. Later, "grassroots" was introduced into the field of sociology, and the "grassroots" was endowed with the connotation of "grassroots people". Recently, many scholars have quoted "grass roots" as a reference to cultural research. Grass has strong vitality because of its extraordinary; grass is created sunshine, water and soil life; weeds seem loose and unconstrained, but students earning interest, continual; weeds never grow into towering trees, but the weeds was rooted in the earth for eternity. The grass is endowed with the spirit of the masses, and even with its stubborn human weakness, it has strong cohesion and strong vitality and independence. Grassroots culture is relative to imperial culture and palace culture. Born in the folk, longer than the folk, not through the mainstream awareness of the guidance and norms, not through the cultural elite processing transformation, full of local flavor, which contains a rich sense of life.

three: Web2.0 is the catalyst for grassroots culture and grassroots. Do not make money, never mind, have not found a suitable business model simply never mind, a grassroots, entertainment and popular, is also very good! If you say "McDull story" is the grassroots life on behalf of the network video art offbeat comics, "murder" caused a Steamed Buns the author Hu Ge became Web2.0 in the era of "grassroots hero".

statement four: with the rising of the popularity of the personal computer and the Internet, the original IT recognized by the elite culture is moving towards the grassroots culture, the traditional technology for the IT elite culture circle of narcissism was ruthlessly crushed, Apple chose to drop is a practical answer.

in the rapid development and popularization of the Internet today, grassroots culture is becoming more and more popular, which fully benefit from today’s well-developed channels of communication, of course, the Internet’s credit can not be denied.

, Li Xingping and hao123’s grassroots experience

in August 31, 2004, Baidu announced a successful acquisition of the home of hao123 web site with 11 million 900 thousand yuan and 40 thousand shares.

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