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local portal occupy how much traffic? According to the Internet industry analysis report, occupy about 30% of the total flow of the Internet, the total traffic is much more than the major portal site traffic. Today, the author in the speed network, breakdown of local portals of past and present life, so that we have a more systematic understanding. In 1994, China and the United States signed the Internet import agreement. In 1996, submarine optical fiber was officially launched. Since then, China has entered the era of high-speed Internet and has stepped forward to information technology.

Sina, NetEase, Sohu three portal lay in the rise of the momentum, China status. Ifeng.com, people.com.cn, Tencent, portal, and other portals xinhuanet.com wind up portal has entered a stage of rapid development, the competition has intensified, the major portals of the station section of the subdivision, lock their own user groups, fighting traffic.

time in twenty-first Century, local portal site has emerged, which is from 2000 onwards, local portal site began to show the momentum of development, because the market was blank, so quickly, firmly occupy a dominant position, locking the browsing user group. By 2004, all the portal websites were basically growing, and later entrants had to pay a high price to compete for the user base.

with the popularity of the network and network market competition, finally established local portal site has always been strong, and later fell a lot, at the same time, there are also a number of survive, and the introduction of new ideas, transcend.

the representative of Hangzhou 19 Building and Fujian fish nets, the two local portal, reject before by traffic to sell advertising is the traditional Internet thinking, to reform, online, and offline business cooperation in various segments, such as making friends, party, group purchase and decoration column focus on building, creating a new model of earnings, attract private funds and venture capital investment, step on the road of development strategy, brand.

this model also allows a lot of local sites to imitate, some success, some still no improvement.

Internet is never lack of creativity, the author of several friends at this time on the local portal site segmentation, so that the tentacles of the local portal extends to every corner.

In fact, this is not

creative, in Europe and the United States, classification of the local portal can be accurate to every village, every street in China because of the popularization rate of the initial network restrictions, local portal site cannot be extended, along with the network popularization rate increased to more than 90%, consider these aspects become a natural thing.

many door type website, set up each city BBS, even accurate to each county, District, and the local portal does not have that kind of strength, can only do further subdivision.

when the local portal is accurate to >

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