Mou Changqing talk about some of my usual webmaster websites

webmaster class website is my contact with network promotion work, the most often a kind of web site. Every day you go to some webmaster class web site information, or use webmaster tools, or publish articles and so on. Today I will share with you some of my most familiar websites.

1: webmaster network (

webmaster network is the first to let me have the desire to web favorites webmaster class site, when at that time to see some very interesting and practical information. Especially inside the network promotion column, let early or rookie of me, learned a lot of practical knowledge. Now I also used to go to the webmaster every day to read information, to understand the webmaster news, learning webmaster experience. Moreover inquires the PR value, generally also all goes to the webmaster net tool channel (

Adsense Network Trading Forum ( is also a bright spot, and now should be one of the largest trading station owners. Because there is no demand for their own trading, so the webmaster network trading forum to go very little, occasionally friendship link version of the District issued several exchange links post.

two: Chinese stationmaster station (

, the first webmaster class forum I registered is in China webmaster forum. At that time, I still work in Chengdu, because responsible for promoting the company’s Web site ranked about 1W, so fortunately to apply for success, "webmaster teahouse" VIP members, of course, let me happy for a while. Now, the station where I stand most often goes to the ALEXA query (, landing almost every day. To the present position in the ALEXA query products, still feel Chinaz do the best, fast, full-featured.

remembers doing League work because there were so many websites that were reviewed every day. Three colleagues in the Department are using chianz’s ALEXA query. Because restrictions on 1 IP can only query 100 times, often prompted query too much. When I was hurt, I wanted to find second better ones that were difficult and influenced my work efficiency.

Chinaz also has a product that I like very much, which is when the website was looking for some type of Web site to work with. I passed the Chinaz website rankings, according to the industry category, from the highest ranking website, one by one to find contact, effectively improve the efficiency of my work.

three: laggards Forum (

no doubt, behind the ages has been the boss in the webmaster forum, when the original or new, in the forum behind the issue of two original posts, apply for outdated success, but also let me happy for a while.

is now behind the times. The number of people online every day is more than 1W, and the number of posts is over 4W

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