A proposal for building a website in the car rental industry

car rental industry is known as the "sunrise industry", more and more car rental companies in order to publicize themselves, began a large number of publicity on the network themselves. More car rental companies are starting to have their own websites. But, how many car rental companies, how can you better build your website and make your car rental website more distinctive?

1, the basic settings

1, domain name selection

The premise of

‘s website construction is to choose a domain name. What makes a good domain name? I think it’s associated with the company’s products first. For example, our company, domain name registration after the www.zuche371.com to analyze, our main business is to provide car rental, so we used the zuche this pinyin. Secondly, we are the company in Zhengzhou. The code area of Zhengzhou is 0371, so we added 371 of these numbers behind the car so that it is easy to understand and remember.

2, beautiful

The beauty of the

website is important. What kind of website, what industry, the website and even the company has what kind of product determines the basic tone of a website. If it is a wedding photography site, without exception, to use a large number of pictures to foil, but if it is a mechanical industry website, the color is the best color, so that people see at a glance. Car rental companies, the original does not need a very strong visual impact, so I personally feel that the use of pure color is better, people look at the site, feel very professional. After all, it’s not an entertainment site.

3, typesetting

typesetting is very important, because the layout of a website is clean and tidy, which directly affects the attitude of the customer to the company. Is the car rental industry site, layout should be simple and elegant not messy.

4, interaction with customers

in the construction of the entire site, it is best to add a QQ floating box, which is more convenient for customers and the company’s exchange. For example, a car rental company, in which if any units or individuals to the car, do not have to call, or looking for contact, just click on the QQ online service, you can direct dialogue, communicate with each other more save time. This is an online customer service function.

two, additional services,

actually, in any industry, this service is very common, for example, make some preferential measures in car rental industry, if the customer car after car at the same time, to give them some souvenirs. Like a key chain or a paper towel box, it’s printed with your company’s content, not only for your company, but also for your customers to feel comfortable. Another is using the festival to do some promotions, I also get the car rental companies, such as advertising: the spring festival gifts, rent seven days minus 100..

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