The career of a regular worker who failed

first I should introduce myself to you, but I really don’t know how to call yourself, because I really do not deserve this title webmaster! Maybe fail a webmaster, no technical webmaster, a drift webmaster, my job is a cement factory workers, and the webmaster is two a completely different type of occupation, a physical labor, a mental labor. Each one has his good points, each man has his limitations. I personally feel that everyone can still go to work at some time in their life, and work is a life exercise, increase the experience of life, is a good experience for themselves!


06 the second half of the year because of a distraction in the work, I had been injured, injured at home, afraid of my dad at home alone lonely, give me a buy now this computer from that time began my career as a network, and a lot of friends, the beginning is in the online blind go from a connection point to another connection, no clear that advertising that is content. I saw an article in the New York, is the introduction of the Internet to make money, was very excited, the original computer can also make money! So crazy to search about the network to make money, the first is a Wangzhuan forum, then this site is the fire ah, was on the site around for a long time look, a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial, the fact is that some ads, advertising inside is really attractive, earn 3000 month, earn 100 days and so many. Just contact to Wangzhuan I do not have a little resistance, in a very NB man prides itself on the lure of pay 195 yuan to join a call in a Wangzhuan, began his first venture network! But then he was not that good, give me open a 2 level domain name website and send me some deceptive information basically disappeared, you tell me the way to the forum post, I have what way at that time, only the day and night to post, then I can not go out at home some time after the posting of the effect is not very good, very few people to consult, not to mention the money! For a first Wangzhuan couple, is a fatal blow, let me lose the direction, is to feel cheated, do this simply can not make money. Later, slowly to understand, not to make money, but he did not master the skills to make money. That’s the end of my first online money making,


have a period of time I have been watching others Wangzhuan forum posts, learn about Wangzhuan knowledge, then find a few free Wangzhuan forum posts every day to do, and look at today, and the development of several people. Until I saw an official announcement on the official forums, Google application advertising, to provide free space station! I’ll contact the webmaster, his help in successful application down Google ads, also registered the first domain I, opened a space to start my dollar road. The location is also a type of Wangzhuan forum. Because at the time of the Wangzhuan still very familiar, the site opened more than a month has not what flow, I also try to go before the record >

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