Website profit model many how should local website choose and reject

In recent years, the development of

the Internet, can be said to be all kinds of profit model derived from a thousand li a day, it can be said to be very rich, many types of Web sites as long as the one to do thoroughly, we can make earn huge profits, but even so, many websites tend to combine their own website, want to the current popular profit model is introduced to the website, but that didn’t seem to let their website profit become more abundant, not only that the opposite is often a profit model of website profit is high, which is why


when I see a fable, this suddenly open up, in fact, this parable we have heard, the monkey is picking a watermelon seed lost the story of a monkey, is what all want, but in the end what it is for this reason, al1! So if you want to run a good website can not, what to do, especially the grassroots webmaster, must know how to choose, the author will introduce the local web site should be how to choose, hope to bring some help to the webmaster friends


1: learn how to pick and choose ads on your website

is now a lot of local site operation, are very important to advertising on the site, especially a lot of stationmaster, the site just on the line, it tried on the website called super advertising, and even a little website, open in the front page of the site, almost always covered by advertising! It seems to bring profits to the website the way, but because of many advertisements, lost the majority of user attention, finally will let you nowhere like the monkey website, actually! Whether new website or old website or, to advertisement should be well controlled, such as this period of time, there has been a lot of pop ads on the NetEase. Let many users Voices of discontent. A successful, visible advertising portal allows users antipathy, new website not to mention any of the popular


two: selling products at the local station

in this way to different treatment, can not be made in the strict sense to sell goods website, but should combine the group purchase mode, the use of local station loyal users, this seems to be a better place website profit pattern, but many local websites when engaged in group purchase, and did not control the quality of goods so, it is easy to bring serious negative effect, if the quality of the products can not be well controlled, it is best not to do, after all, it is very easy to damage the user the already fragile heart


three: to achieve win-win

through activities

local website the best profit model is to engage in activities sponsored, this is a win-win profit model, usually after a good planning activities, so many businesses will be like Wu, so get endorsements cost is considerable, and activities will allow many users to actively participate in, it can let many users into loyal users, to create more local website >

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