Grassroots WeChat can deliver on the market to its Chongxin


5 launch is the latest big news, as a function of communication started from the products, now WeChat in communication on property has been more and more desalination, instead of the system is more powerful. Payment functions, streetscape, O2O and public accounts upgrades, WeChat has made use of the data in its hands as a basis, and integrate more practical elements.

if everyone had said Tencent was the biggest Shanzhai company on the market, I wouldn’t object to it. But now, the same thing, I will understand that this is a one-sided understanding. If WeChat is surviving by copying and copying, then I’m sure Ali and Baidu will not be as scared as they are now. In the final analysis, or WeChat’s own advanced nature, so that we began to fear the inclusion of their own broken path.

in fact, on the good things about WeChat, we all see too much, and biological wind station owners say or not, the meaning is not big. Just as a technology enthusiast, I still want a little more for WeChat. After all, now China Internet products appear lackluster, WeChat really can be said to be a surprise for its development I also analyzed a lot, think a lot. Personally, I have other ideas than the compliments of the group.

first of all, the most important thing about WeChat is the system. With the system, WeChat seems to have independent of the other APP products the reins, has a system, WeChat can be more communication function, and then set up a data link fully, with the system, WeChat can be more users to gather, save marketing costs, these are we praise the most places for WeChat. Yes, this is indeed a scary place for WeChat, but WeChat’s system is not as wonderful as everyone imagined.

I would like to ask you what is the system, in my opinion, the system is to combine more functions and traffic together to achieve a win-win situation. That’s the basis and the key. If there is no particularly powerful product as a support and a good user experience, then WeChat’s additional features are really vases. If you look at WeChat’s public platform in this way, you’ll see that there are still a lot of immature places. The webmaster think biological account management and profit mode of choice, especially for the information push WeChat folded, the whole team is realized in the tangle, even if the 5 launched a public platform, WeChat also is not necessarily a good. Account management, the trend analysis of subscription traffic, profit selection and product attributes positioning, all of these WeChat have not given us the answer. Just because WeChat’s other highlights hide some of it.

and WeChat in this update, adding a new look store, bind the bank card, speech recognition technology of chat and so on, these functions are actually has an obvious characteristic, that is to use WeChat to build the high viscosity to achieve closed loop.

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