Google AdSense 10th anniversary lecture the ten principles of mobile website construction


recently, Google officially released the mobile station ten principles in Google AdSense 10th anniversary lecture, because it is a form of PPT, so I put it into a mobile website (text version of the principle can also be seen as the optimization guide Google mobile phone station), the webmaster for reference.

is interested in the webmaster can also compare optimization guide Baidu released a mobile phone station, see Chinese based on local search engine Baidu and Google have international vision of what they have in common and differences in the mobile website optimization, then only summarize the mobile website principle published by Google, of course, the mobile station is in favor of the principle in the Chinese webmaster.


1, simple and quick,

called "simple and quick", that is, in the mobile phone limited screen, with the simplest, most practical, most efficient form of display to the user most needed things, so that users convenience. Google’s advice is:

gives priority to the content and functionality that users need most

subtraction, subtraction, subtraction (explain, this point is in fact that mobile phone website to remove all can get rid of the content, function, plate, button, leaving only the most essential part, remember that it is the most essential part. Google, for example, Taobao’s mobile site)

streamlined text

compress pictures to boost website loading speed


2, simplify navigation,

clear directory structure to prevent users from scrolling page

provides an eye-catching "back" and "home" button


for navigation directory structure, Google lists four common mobile site navigation forms, namely:

horizontal type (Google pointed out that according to the mobile phone screen size and statistics show that the bar is best not more than 7


large button type (which is the most common and most used form of navigation in mobile phone stations)



3, thumb operation

larger button, reduce the difficulty of operation

appropriate space to avoid accidental clicks (as with widening spacing) is intended to expand the range of clicks and prevent the user from being delayed by other options or content because the button is small. That is, to make some blank space for the buttons on the limited mobile phone screen,

spacing widening, expanding the range of hits

uses color and shadow highlighting buttons


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