Application of Wang Sicong blessing 17 before you download Opps it’s off the shelf


not long ago, a development team used by Taiwan summit Chinese AppStore list first, called "17", or is the husband of Wang Sicong into the capital of blessing, or product model itself is hot, a time is reported to have. You may have seen it in the circle of friends, may have been kept busy downloading play with a lot of. But if you have not yet had time to download, it is a pity that this is still a few days ago to make the limelight products, has been on the shelf. (play and mode about it before the tiger sniffing made detailed analysis, not in this speech, interested students may wish to stamp here.


according to Phoenix reported, this flagship video broadcast applications today (September 29th) was the apple App Store and Android Play Store dual platform, the official did not explain the reasons for the shelf, did not notice whether it will be back on the shelves. However, users who have previously downloaded "17" can still be used and run normally.

17 under the shelf can be said to be no warning, was stunned not just trying to download the hopeless friends, as well as this product investment developers – Taiwan artist Jeff Huang. According to the China Times reported that Jeff Huang himself in the face book this morning has received a netizen who can not find the download link complaints. He then confirmed that the APP has been on the shelf, it may be too much negative news, as well as competitors operate. Jeff Huang said that the application has been re shelves, but do not know how long it will take to pass the audit.

Jeff Huang said in response to the matter in the face of the book: "for some discipline caused by the user 17app is off the shelf, causing many 17 users panic, with all this 17 user statement, which does not affect the original rights and interests of the users, we also set strict trial when all users, let us not be affected by the violation of user."

in fact, from June this year on the line until the end of September, "17" won a number of countries and regions of the Apple Store charts at the same time, the jurisprudence issue has been controversial. Some people think that, in 17, the user can directly get money in return, and the return itself with the click of a hook, in order to obtain a higher income, stimulate the senses with indecent video attractive behavior, like is expected. This kind of click on the business model in the absence of regulatory bias is also normal.

face a series of questions, after Jeff Huang had made a response.


well, there’s nothing to do with it.

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