Local stations should be operated in a local way

"local station", also called "local sites", but no matter what kind of call for popularization of the webmaster may now, this is not a noun familiar, perhaps to see the friends more or less are the local station. I concentrated on the design of the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network", in the final analysis is also a local site.


, I wrote an article about the location planning of local stations. In fact, the real local station should take into account the direction of the site and the site’s business model. First, we should note that the local station may be only for local users! May also for the popular user! Here, we have the right to site their position, and his station make characteristics; no characteristics, site is always just a copy.

now many of the local city has some news media official website and some information in Hong Kong, may be a lot of friends doing a station soon after leaving, perhaps because they can not keep up! Don’t find these features of the

station?The so-called local

stations will have to build a characteristic according to the local population dynamic website, we take the forum as an example, we first locate their own website, and then starting from the corresponding section! Not necessarily, but must have features and content to let users! Leave reason is the priority among priorities


in the promotion, some friends rely on traditional media to build the brand advantage of the website, but finally found advertising Ming site traffic has transactions, advertising traffic and user stickiness decline did not play. No advertising can not live, for a website, the initial funding will be relatively abundant, but money always burns. The lack of attention to the user’s experience and the strategic deployment of the entire site will be the most sad thing to do, and only rely on print ads, and the consequences are very serious.

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