Color psychology in Web Design color psychology in the nternet

why Facebook is blue – from the first to the latest version, after several design changes, the main colors are always blue,


the answer is very simple, "according to an interview with the New York guest", Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg is actually a red green color, he can only distinguish blue: blue is the most colorful color for me."


* Facebook’s original design interface, which was also called at that time. When you want to open an account on it, you must have a mailbox with the end of.Edu (Harvard University).

serendipitously or intentionally cultivated or founder of color can often reflect the Internet brand and aesthetic preferences, and designers for color selection and choice, but also a necessary link in the works.

Youtube designer Marc Hemeon has collected 18 sets of popular web sites or products button design color, used to assess and investigate the impact of color on the user’s psychology:


The answer to

‘s Web site or product is as follows:

1, Google

2, Twitter

3, Facebook

4, Microsoft

5, Pinterest

6, Yahoo

7, Instagram

8, Flickr

9, Spotify

10, Rdio

11, Svbtle

12, Medium

13, Basecamp

14, Square

15, Amazon

16, Quora

17, LinkedIn

18, Path

More than 3

most of the site or product color button will not, pointing to the "action" button should be the same color, such as Google’s "search" button is blue, and Twitter’s "register" button is bright yellow.

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