Buy group market summary how should shake handshandle net rise again

back group purchase market change radically, the beginning of the bustling hot scenes, to today’s desolate, sparse. Handle network as a leaf boat in the boundless ocean waves, storms may make a lot of "group purchase army" also formed the The whole army was wiped out., although the group purchase "three" situation. However, many people feel that the "shake hands net" is lucky, because it still exists, did not die out, but after the cruel battle of reality, the actual strength of the reduction is not the original "flying the world’s buy" eagle". It is lucky to survive in, again after three years, look into the original dying, can be said to handle network should be in three years of hardships, low-key, comprehensive summary, handle seems to have been to recuperate. Recently, a new round of financing market handle network dedicated to seek change, in fact, is not the purpose of financing, how to stage a comeback is the ultimate goal? The following focuses on the analysis of how to handle the next rally.

First, your

, baizhanbudai. Now the group purchase market situation obviously, with the U.S. group, public comment, glutinous rice balls constitute the "Three Kingdoms" tripartite confrontation, past unpopular scene has already become history, consumer tastes change, only the best quality and service to stabilize consumption, consumers will only put the first place to "winning" grasp the future. If you want to handle again, won the top spot, it is necessary to have a deep understanding and analysis of the present situation, the financing to the handle, should be filled with authority, but not too much factor. However, in a big grasp of the current market can not be separated from the understanding and grasp. This is certainly not friends, development must find a breakthrough, only to know the situation will be more thorough grasp of this on hand experience, it should be fully understood, what if there is no new development, there will be a lot of time in hand as the. Handle to rally, we can not blindly expand, more steady, must step by step.

second, learn from the front and strive to break through. Once the handle can be said to be the boss of the industry, but a shorter term of office. The plan is to goft steady, in the industry is way ahead, the U.S. group can have today’s achievements, the strategy should be and other brands are different. Compared with a handle, the U.S. group will focus on quality and service, not to fight the propaganda war, war do not advertise, brand, service brand, consumers on the principle, is constantly to promote all kinds of security mechanism, many of them in the breaking rules of ancient and modern philosophy, wholeheartedly for consumers service. So, when handle defeat should be defeated in the strategy, today, hand to stage a comeback, must use the successful experience of the U.S. group, although no overall absorption, but also necessary to benefit by mutual discussion, excellence. Learn from the winners, learn a little from others, make up for your weaknesses, learn from losers, see through the causes of failure, and learn from them.

third, buy the market ahead of schedule. This should be called

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