Huang Haopeng expose the old SEOER misunderstanding

just broke off the net today, so he wrote the article when he was free. From the early pioneer Wang Tong SEO to a large number of the bright younger generation now, SEO already has a history of nearly ten years in China, some previous experience in SEO under the guidance of becoming a law and law, is on or not, many of them do not give a correct explanation. Just like BD itself, it rejects SEO optimizations, so it’s impossible to give each SEOER a standard for the SEO industry. Because of the previous relationship, it may cause misunderstanding to SEO. The original do not want to write the following content, but recently with several years of work SEOER who still some misunderstanding, so decided to some difficult to find out late, and I hope to be useful to everyone.

1, BD reverse link query instruction

check several search engines such as SEOER instructions already around, check, link instruction has also been recognized as the standard instruction. In many webmaster tools, link is also accepted as an instruction query. However, this method is not generic. In YAHOO, you need to add " before the domain name; http://s.". In GG, the results of the instructions are not all displayed, but they can be found in the GG webmaster tools. The reverse link now means that there is a link on the page A pointing to the page B, and the link on the page A is a reverse link to the page B. We can look at the reverse links found in GG and YAHOO. In BD, however, Link does not represent an instruction; it searches as a keyword that contains the "" keyword. Some people will say that Baidu search link command is domain, we can try,, Baidu search result is given in the URL of the domain name contains all, some simply do not reverse links only, as published in the A5 with a website domain name article without links to this domain name if these are not is the reverse link, domain is a general instruction. After investigation, BD also did not make a clear explanation of the reverse link, so BD has no so-called reverse link instruction. That’s one of the many misconceptions that SEOER has, and I believe that at least eighty of SEOER will be misunderstood, including I’ve been puzzled for a long time.

2, PR’s understanding,

let us review the influence of the PR value factors: (1), the quantity and quality of the external links; (2) Google, the number of pages in your web crawling; (3), the site was three world famous sites DMOZ, Yahoo and Looksmart by

PR may talk about it more when making a link. Some SEOER total >

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