Station master you’re not a technician

the development of the Internet has created the development of the webmaster industry, some people say that the webmaster is a tough industry, some people say that the webmaster is also a money making industry. We do not discuss as to which is right and which is wrong, want to know why the others do can be very good, why the website can operate so successfully (money).

because of the development of the webmaster industry, the station has become more and more simple, any friend can be a key type of station. And most of the sites can not be profitable, the most fundamental reason for where?. Most of the owners need to change jobs, we had the heroic utterance in? Believe that not many people think about this problem? Guard and we want to explore the topic is: webmaster, you are not a technician.

one: too many webmaster, as a technician.

is our roots, our website had no money, no technology, no contacts, at least in the early stage of this, then how to do? Self-study! Learning program, learning code, learning art, editing, promotion, website optimization called. We take this learning stage as the so-called stage of entrepreneurship, do not understand, are willing to ask, go to school. For this, the point of departure is good. But as a webmaster, this is not what we should do, we are not a technician, at least our future road is not a technician. We should do is how to manage operations, how to assign tasks?. How can you improve the quality of your website as a whole instead of wasting time on these so-called technical aspects?. Just like a row of stations, the webmaster’s home and other forums open questions and tasks forum. There is no need for us to waste time on ourselves. Some people can do it.

two: webmaster, you should be a salesman.

for any website, no matter what the purpose of the previous station, as a webmaster, the ultimate goal is to hope that the site can be profitable. The basic website profit comes from where? You may understand why some website users, but a large group of users or not to profit? This is the webmaster webmaster thinking problems, at this time, you should be a salesman. And the website is huge user group, the flow that lets a person envy is your chip. If we can grasp these chips, then we can form the relationship of exchange and transaction, and then they are more likely to make profit. But how many webmaster friends know marketing? I believe that the number of very little, we think of is the use of search engine rankings for their own web site brings traffic, thinking about you can earn some advertising fees. That’s it。 Who would want to promote their website, build their website into a brand, build a reputation? Don’t tell yourself it’s too difficult. It’s too difficult because we haven’t done it.

three: webmaster, do we have products or commodities?

the profit margin of a website has no less than three points. It provides advertising to the merchant (user), provides service to the user, and gives it to the merchant (user)

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