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and many others, I am a personal webmaster, or grassroots webmaster, no team, no money, no background, only some of the Internet entrepreneurial enthusiasm and to gain confidence through the station and desire for success; many people are like me, have a similar situation, do the station on the road of advancing persistently. However, now the Internet era is totally different from five years ago, ten years ago, when the venture of the personal webmaster are still in the fight, not like today we know so many successful internet giants who, in contrast, they are "pioneers", but also have more opportunities than today "lucky".

as soon as the new station, the current situation and understanding of the Internet is limited, but from a short time to do the station process, I believe we all experience the hard and difficult to do stand. If you just want to make a little money, maybe just enough pocket money, then through advertising Union, through monthly advertising, this is not difficult at all. The difficulty is that we want to get to feed themselves by doing the best station, is the other half or family income, but really very difficult! For individual owners, and often an almost impossible task". Faced with this situation, how to break through this predicament, so that only the power of individual owners can also be successful in the current Internet environment, I have my opinion.

faces the environment that individual stationmaster faces at present, want to succeed, must go out the development that accords with current Internet truth. In my opinion, this road is a rapid positioning, a segment of the market and quickly occupied, so that they can have their own "advantages of the territory", thus in this "one acre, two points" success. We want to see the individual owners of limited time, energy and capital, to abandon the "Tandaqiuquan unrealistic idea, in order to achieve these from the following aspects:

1. Find a niche that you can handle and control,

so-called "market segments or areas", is based on the famous "long tail theory" evolved, refers to the site for a particular field or industry, and the directory is not comprehensive and the content of the website localization. As a personal webmaster, want to see the advantage of success has been achieved and the advantage of the Internet giant who in the integration of resources, they can use the money, team, resources and other aspects of the advantages, the rapid expansion of what you want to get involved in the field, in the comprehensive personal webmaster and their competition can be said to have no chance. Therefore, in order to be successful you must find you could grasp and master the "market segmentation", the market can be a specific industry, it can be a small area for the industry or field you have to know enough, is a real "insiders", so as to follow the success of the first step.

two, the development of general planning, rapid intervention "market segments"

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