See if you have the potential to be an nternet Marketer

many people think that, as a network marketing personnel as long as technology and market analysis to understand the network marketing on the line, in fact this is just having a do marketing network, a real network marketing personnel also have higher quality requirements.

control follows 21 points, see if you have the potential of network marketing personnel:

1, the ability to collect information. There are two main aspects to collect data: first, to preserve important historical data; two, to do all the data in an important field as far as possible. If you can collect a large amount of valuable information in your field of work, you will be a great asset to your fruitful work.

2, high standard of written expression ability. Say the problem clearly, this is the basic ability of the network marketing personnel, and if you really make the problem clear, that is already great. Don’t believe it. You might as well look at some of the company’s product brochures, look at some of the website’s product introductions, and analyze carefully whether they have made the question clear. Many websites are not clear about what users want to know.

3, user experience capability. We need more practice experience, so that we can understand network marketing more deeply. One of the best ways to learn online marketing is to build a personal website. Because through personal website construction and maintenance, will be on the website construction, website promotion, website effect evaluation and other aspects of knowledge have more profound understanding, and this is a self-control of network marketing experiment.

4, understand the ability of Internet users. China has a large number of Internet users, who have to learn from the lowest class, and always put themselves among the vast numbers of Internet users to understand the latest trends and hot spots.

5, the ability to make web pages. Web design itself to many problems, such as image processing, program development, these problems cannot all be included in the specialized courses in the network marketing, but a network marketing personnel for web design should have a preliminary knowledge, at least for the basic principles and methods of web design knowledge. These capabilities are especially important when planning a website, because it is only possible to know whether the plan is reasonable and whether it can be achieved by knowing some basic issues in Web production.

6 ability to understand code.

network marketing and web pages and database application procedures used are inseparable, network marketing staff may not be able to become a master programmer, but the basic code for some network marketing and directly related, there should be some understanding, especially HTML, ASP, JSP etc.. If not skilled to write "file with the code, also should understand the basic meaning, and can find the obvious mistakes so as to better understanding and application of network marketing in the analysis of the web page code.

7, the ability to use resources.

whether it is marketing activities or learning research, all of them need some resources

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