Webmaster have you found the reason why the website operation failed

2005-2007 years, I have been to do garbage station to maintain life, was familiar with the DZ forum. Can design a search engine friendly Seo, of course, I’m not a SEO ace, just a rookie. At that time, work was easier. Building a web site requires only one night, because DZ is easier to do. At present, the popular Cms system is actually more convenient. At 10 o’clock every evening, the network was collected, the locomotive was used, and it was in use, but not so crazy.

remembers running a forum where the name and address of the site were not described. There are 600 thousand posts on the website. Baidu includes 490 thousand registered members, more than 20 thousand. The forum is not active, so it can be said that tourists are coming. Page access ratio no more than 1.5%, that is, each IP come, that is, to see only one page at most. After that, leave right away. At that time, the site IP exceeded 35 thousand per day, about pv4 million. It doesn’t need much description. Everyone knows this is called a garbage dump. At that time, looking for a lot of ways and technical means to save the site, after all, is not easy, even if it is not easy to collect every day,


many webmaster see here, may be very concerned about the income of the website. Let’s have a brief report. At that time, the website to Google and a number of small league each month, only about 2000 yuan per month, garbage station it, regular advertising is also good. However, if the horse? Oh, at that time did not choose this way to make money.

this year, officially began to do the station, why is it formal? A few years to do standing experience and experience, let me feel some ideas, share with you:

1, the website does not collect too much. Because it’s no good, of course. All the big portals are actually collecting. Why can’t we pick it up and tell you?. When you become a website like 163, you can pick it up. No one can do anything about you.

2, increase site activity. User activity is fundamental to web survival, though I haven’t done very well yet. Now, however, incentives have been introduced, such as activities, bonuses or items, to collect opinions and replace them with Renminbi or articles. In this way, in the interest of the trend, more people will come to help you.

3, posters, T-Shirts, Internet cafes promotion. These three points, for the site, one can not be less. Whether your site covers the entire network or is only a local station.

4, fake acquisitions, real cooperation. Look for your local counterparts to carry out the acquisition, the name is acquisition, in fact, cooperation. This skill needs talks. Even if you do not spend a penny, you can let the other side merge with you, the skills of the talks, the next article will be described in detail.

5, some of our successful owners, A Fei, the fish who refused to swim

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