Car CEO was cleaning Wang Shi founder of the position on the verge of death or destruction how to ma

June 26th morning, CEO Qin cause car home to employees in the company’s internal mail flow, message display, after Ping An shares car home and become the largest shareholder, the original car home management will be safe cleaning, Qin induced position of CEO and Zhong Yiqi’s CFO position has been replaced.

on the same day, the same outbreak of the majority of Vanke’s home and the management of the home of the war, the largest shareholder of Vanke’s treasure can be proposed to recall Wang Shi, chairman of vanke. Currently holds 24% stake, the largest shareholder of Huarun holdings of about $15%, the two sides hold a total of nearly $40%, once combined, the recall of Wang Shi will become very easy.

Wang Shi and Qin tragedy because of the loss of

caused by control of the company

Qin and Wang Shi embarrassment behind, is the gradual loss of the company’s management of the company’s control of the two, it has led to today’s situation.

it is reported that Ping An has a car home 47.4% stake is the largest single shareholder, Macao, continue to hold the car home 6.5% stake, while CEO Qin cause car home ownership is 2.9%, car home founder Li Xiang holdings to 2.6%. The voting rights and shareholding ratio, so relatively safe, and Li Xiang Qin caused by voting rights is not worth mentioning, this also explains why peace can easily be kicked out by qin.

to 170000, in fact this is not the first encounter the barbarian invasions, but Wang Shi did not long memory. As early as 1994, Vanke is due to the outbreak of the "equity is too scattered and Jun Wan dispute – Junan Securities attempt to unite several major shareholders Vanke management for the emperor to abdicate, attempted to wrest control from the hands of Wang Shi.

then, Vanke emergency suspension 3 days, found Junan Securities open "rat" features, the burden of proof to the csrc. The Commission subsequently sent south to Shenzhen investigation, finally give up Junan Securities management reshuffle, led by Wang Shi to get rid of this crisis.

, however, Wang Shi did not learn from it to change the shareholding structure is too dispersed. He is even a bit complacent in his personal autobiography, said Vanke’s equity dispersion in China’s securities market are rare.

now, Wang Shi and Vanke President Yu Liang’s chances are very slim, unless the second largest shareholder Huarun stand on their side again. But Wang Shi this morning in the WeChat circle of friends accused Huarun of fig leaf all torn out, and may support his Huarun


where to go CEO Zhuang Chenchao (micro-blog) has embarrassed out

in the Internet industry, management holdings are diluted to single digits of the enterprise is no longer a minority. Once the barbarians to enter, it is likely that the next car home or Vanke story, the company’s management will face the risk of being kicked out.

actually, a similar situation is going to happen. According to where the file submitted to the SEC in April 2015 showed that the whole team executives who go above

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