Our international KESH reflection over the past three years Suning how do lie

full screen is Suning 24th anniversary news, to celebrate, ah, Thanksgiving, carnival, ah, all kinds of words. But, Suning’s recent 3 years of performance really worth carnival? 2011 electricity supplier or domestic B2C before three, in 2012 by Jingdong dry lie, last year’s transformation into a loss, this year’s performance is no improvement…


doubled its performance in the first half of this year:

operating income of about 51 billion 200 million yuan, down 7.8%.

total loss of 1 billion yuan, down 218.58%.

consolidated gross profit margin of 13.83%, down 0.37%.

Suning’s earnings digital trajectory is obvious. In the first half of 2012, profits appeared to be turning point and rising to decline. In the third quarter, gross profit margins began to fall. The next six months, profits, gross profit has fallen, has fallen, and fell to the third quarter of last year, the problem is serious: stop bleeding, began to lose money. Has been deficit, has been deficit, loss in the first quarter, the two quarter loss, the three quarter loss.

another 3 months, the fourth quarter business on the release of a larger probability of loss.

dark horse brother is worried about mulberry, followed by reports of Suning 3 years, from 2012-2014 years, witnessed the transformation of all the process. It is a pioneer, as a traditional retail chain, to embrace the Internet, off the arm, the bleeding was jet like, there is no need to stop the determination.

but reflection is necessary. Over the past three years, Suning from a God’s favored one turn to follow, and then to today’s lost, Suning is wrong in which links.

the following text is full of bloody violence, such as Su Ning employees and fans, please make a detour.

Where are the advantages of arrogant big brother

2011, suning.com B2C sales of 5 billion 900 million yuan, registered members of 10 million, is the domestic electricity supplier in front of three. Su Ningting’s pride in the year, said a lot of big talk, mainly Huyou the gang of small white.

media likes to compare Suning with Jingdong, saying who has more advantages and who is more likely to be China’s amazon. Dark horse brother has not remember the details, but Su Ning’s gesture is roughly as follows, in order to more image expression, the following views were simulated.

1, brother started early. 1998, when the domestic electricity supplier just emerged, chairman Zhang Jindong inspected the B2C model, because there is no logistics, supply chain, and finally turned to chain. A year after the Jingdong was founded, Suning online shopping mall was established.

2, brother has a brand. Suning established more than 20 years, users have reputation, hundreds of millions of dollars per year advertising, brand reputation.

3, brother has supply chain. 2011, Suning 939>

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