My opinion on Ji’nan website construction industry

Hello, I’m Xiao Song, my name appears in the network frequency is low, although I have been engaged in the network for many years, but mainly because of the development of web program in, had published some text what personal views. Today, in Ji’nan continue to engage in website construction and software development, and today I suddenly feel that I should be my industry – Ji’nan website construction industry to make some summary.

Ji’nan’s website construction market is healthy. This is my first impression of my network work in Ji’nan. There are many reasons. I will give my personal opinion and make a periodic summary of my work.

first website construction technology is more and more low threshold, high in 90s that is not the technology, the people are also more and more understanding, especially those who have done the business site or prepare to construct the web site, but also to understand thoroughly. As a result, many engaged in the construction site, the design of the company is difficult to cheat customers, only with its own technical strength and good customer service service to enhance the market competitiveness of construction site in Ji’nan, won the good reputation of our customers, only allow our customers to introduce customers, enterprises can have great development.

is the second, active role network company of Ji’nan website construction market, most of them have changed to take any way in order to sign a single business, more and more of the company’s sales network itself has been greatly improved, not only in sales skills, but also has great progress in the construction site the technology. More often, a network of the company’s sales staff in time to discuss a project, in addition to stand in the customer’s perspective project, will be at the technical point of view to analyze the existing website construction problems in the process of customer. Thus, the phenomenon of mutual price reduction between the network companies is very small, and a website construction project will be signed at a reasonable price, so that the website construction market will be regularized and healthy.

third, that is, a lot of network companies to adhere to their principles, adhere to the road of their own management, but also the Ji’nan site construction market can be an important reason for healthy development. In Ji’nan, you will hear a lot of Internet companies signing below a certain price will give up the project, the reason is very simple, a website construction project, especially the establishment of the enterprise project, starting from the design to the final customer acceptance confirmation of a maximum of not more than a week, otherwise the company does not have any interest to be made, even will the loss. Without interest, a business may even be at a loss, and I don’t think any company will do it. This allows customers to lose the chance to do the same project below the actual price of the project.

well, this is my three point on the site of the Ji’nan construction market certainly, humble opinion only represent personal views. Of course, there are some problems with the website construction market in every place, and so does Ji’nan. I’ll say next time.

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