My first successful soft Wen experience

to talk about my personal experience, the site for 2 years, has been looking for links to follow the prescribed order, submit the navigation station, know to answer questions such as the forum, which belongs to the simple style practice method to consummate point, the effect also is very good. Of course, often to A5, outdated and other webmaster online to see some of the website promotion articles, some promotion methods are also a smattering of knowledge, use very few.

previously often see about how to improve the weight and SEO like the article, mentioned the most is the promotion of soft paper. But I do not know what is the meaning of this soft Wen promotion? Then to understand it, that is writing with the link. It is easy to do, start writing a lot of splinters everywhere, with hyperlinks, is a look at the AD article, originally think based on personal experience to write soft article written in a hard paper advertising. Even more frightening is that the language is not organized well, most of which are useless for others. Sent to the station to directly click! Even a blog, hair has also been deleted, extremely depressed. Never wrote a soft text.

last month, my personal station passenger station has been more than a year. The accumulated in the past year the chain and weight are quite good. The IP reached 40 thousand, due to act with undue haste to go wrong step, causing the site is down right, then listen to the professionals advice and learn other people to improve the weight method, finally restore the weight. From the site down right to start, I almost live a tough life, every day to go to work, the first thing is to use webmaster tools check the site’s collected keywords ranking. And when the website is restored, that kind of joy is really without words.

later wanted to write out my experience and tell everyone how to avoid the website being demoted and how to restore it after the website has been dropped. I write more about my experiences to avoid detours. And then send it to the new leaves and other webmaster stations. This morning saw the accident of the article is the Webmaster Station. Although the site reproduced to be deleted, but the editorial brother gave me a look at the statistics source. Keywords and the search engine rankings. Unexpected surprises. The weight and improve a lot. Many words are ranked up. This may be the so-called soft Wen promotion. Also count as inadvertently inserted Liu Liu shady,


. Ha! Write this today just to commemorate your own soft first successful experience, at the same time, I hope you can own experience are written, and more grassroots webmaster share together, avoid detours!


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