Station building has become a part of my life will not give up

I’m not good at writing articles, and I don’t have any literary talent. I’ll tell you about it in the form of running accounts. It may be similar to the experience of many webmaster.

‘s first contact with the computer while still at college, remember quickly graduated that year (1997), the 586 came out, everyone use it to play red alert, and legend of dune. At that time, I thought the computer was amazing. Computer lessons have not been learned: power on, off, five pen typing, Foxbase, UCDOS these things. Graduation, the new version of word came out, and others say typing with word typesetting, their listening straight fan, and even did not hear exactly what is called, "what what?" on such a computer foundation, graduated…

took part in the work and went to a state-owned enterprise in Beijing. He had nothing to do all day long, looked at the newspaper and had some tea. Once a day, the office of the Secretary General to go home to visit relatives, she took my "learned computer" and called to let me help her a few days playing computer – file! I won’t, but you can not say, because it is new ah! Had to bite the bullet and promised to come down, and detailed asked how the layout, how to type, with many large font… And so on. Anyway, I finally got into touch with the computer again. A few days of typing and typing. I feel like I’m a computer whiz!


in almost a year, but also because their own mind is too straight, the penalty is the deputy general manager office, was sent to the workshop manager office, deputy director of a report. Well, it’s OK. I can finally get in touch with my computer all day long, and the workshop office is far from the administrative building. I heard what was popular at that time, so I asked the oldest student in the same company. How can I get on the Internet?. The eldest student is also a very straight headed person, patiently taught me – dial-up Internet access.

What is a

net? What do you think of it? You don’t know how to use it. You don’t know what to do. Find books, read the computer report, slowly learned to chat, then is not QQ (like apply one, but I feel it is very good), to work during the day and night office of global Sohu, Sina chat room, know a lot of friends, feel very interesting. Later, as recommended, they began using QQ. After using this, I suddenly discovered how cute and convenient QQ was. From then on, out of control.

does not seem to remember what forming arena, forums and the like, just build the room in QQ chat rooms, QQ friends to set up the team, then the movie popular young and dangerous, so QQ in the community have what is called the "Dongxing club", "Hong Xing society", "elite club" associations between… Is a robot for the music match shuabing. At that time, if no one in the QQ room, it will automatically disappear. In order to have a fixed place, we can communicate at any time. Some people suggest that I do web pages (then called web pages, not websites). Another revolution, I don’t even know what to do, how to do it, so I’ve gone through QQ Friends >

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