To be a forum is to insist on the next success is you

recently because of certain things found their own schools, that is ranked second in a forum, the forum set up to now more than 2 years, but has been a school teacher in our school to suppress public opinion management is very strict, I did a campus forum, less than a month off, because the teacher does not allow the propaganda department.

we all know that the search for a school, the first is certainly the official website of, high weight, back is the basic level of "a few out of order, you create a forum, give you time, you can basically no suspense came to second. With the end of the college entrance examination in June, the search keyword of large area increased, most people love to go to school more interactive nature, so basically will choose the forum, ranked second in the forum has become the first choice target, which is part of the new never had contact with our other university homogeneous Forum, so the possibility of becoming loyal members is very large, this time you must make new affiliate marketing, if for every member to become active users, loyal users, but also want to activate the sleeping users, after all, sent a message to the forum and posted the ratio of 1:5 certainly there, the 4 the proportion is quite large, see you on how to activate, now do most is the activation of EDM EDM, but you also want to write enough to attract people ^_^ oh

our school is now considered by adhering to the forum made achievement day 1000 to 2000 of the amount of post is good, which reminds me of my own forum, Yuyao forum, my hometown after making the forum, nor how publicity, because the person is not local, although have to manage every day however, the basic people posting on the 2, 3 people, the other is the machine in the advertisement, thousands of Posts every day effect, I don’t have to go to the acquisition, others will help me to post, but also let me enjoy every day more than 2000 Posts be Kazakhstan, a joke.

nothing can be a short duration of time to complete a lot of time to do a forum is the opportunity, the opportunity to meet the right person, the right thing, may your forum on fire, although my Yuyao forum is tepid, but I believe that in a specific area that she will become a us we all know the local forum, maybe 1 years, maybe 3 years, maybe 10 years later, as long as I live, everything is possible, YY ^_^

this article isn’t much to share what content, just to convey a belief: Forum of perseverance, although the forum tired, also less money, but also by supervisor is not banned, but because we have faith, so we still insist.

this article shares the point is: do a good job of new member marketing, activate the sleeping user.

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