The success of personal websites a theme that raises quality content

‘s thinking about personal websites has continued. The technical threshold of personal websites has been getting lower and lower. And even hair duck also found that more and more personal websites, not technology, but positioning. Personal websites are different from blogs. Blogs actually mean web logs. According to New Oriental teacher Li Xiaolai, blogs are actually web logs for individuals on a subject.

, and personal website actually refers to the website established by individuals, generally for profit purposes. The problem of locating personal websites is the biggest problem that bothers hairy duck. I have some experience today. We can analyze the purpose of Internet users. That means the user is ready to access the Internet. OK, so what’s he up to,


1, check information. Check 46 grades, check weather, train time, and inquire about a topic……

2, entertainment. Watch movies (including movies and videos), listen to music (including downloading music), play games, watch news, hang QQ, chat with people……

in China, most of the Internet is basically doing these two things. Can be verified from the Internet bar, you can also search from Baidu rankings verified. With the development of Web2.0 and e-commerce, there are several phenomena:

1, go to video site to watch video;

2, to SNS website society rendezvous;

3, go to Taobao, or buy books or clothes with great distinction.

clearly, Web2.0 sites and e-commerce sites are inappropriate for individuals. So, as individuals, facing the Internet tens of thousands of websites, how to accurately locate their personal website,


1, for entertainment. Adhere to a subject, subject to a subdivision. Advertising.

2, provide information, tutorials. For example, for a technical thing, the introduction of detailed information and tutorials. The last one is advertising.

these two methods, for personal practice is not very difficult. Qi Mao duck think, personal website selection theme is very important, so easy to do fine, also easy to bigger and stronger, in the search engine is also easy to rank first.

, and a high quality website, should be a meaningful web site for content. Users search for a key word to your site, read an article, spent dozens of seconds. This is a few seconds of user cost, our website content is that users spend tens of seconds? If a user get the information he needs through our website, or get some inspiration, or get some guidance, so we say this is meaningful. Of course, do not rule out, in 100 search results, our several articles are meaningless to the user, here involves the judgment problem of the search engine. We don’t have to blame ourselves. Well, what about the better situation? First, the user passes

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