Talking about increasing the amount of Baidu and insisting on skills

The amount included in the

website often determines its search engine weight, although this argument there are still some people do not agree, but can not deny its weight in the eyes of the owners, so how to improve Baidu included quantity? Here to introduce several practical methods and notes.

1: adhere to the relevant "original" article

many of my friends have a misunderstanding, that the search engine is love "original" article, here the author quotes why? Because some of the new owners understand the original is too vague, indeed I think some good original articles or soft paper can bring the actual effect, but there are many "original" people understand is that Baidu or Google search to the article called "original" and largely ignored the article itself quality.

In fact, the

itself quality and timing quantitative update to the site in the search engine rankings, rather than you can put together some "irrelevant answer" article with your site and content itself has no relation to the article, if so who brains the creation of high quality this? This article so long update instead will have a negative impact on your website, the short term will increase the amount collected, unless it is otherwise do garbage station must ensure the quality of the original article, even if the number can not keep up, 1 a day to high quality.

is also related, such as you in the hospital class website every day release high-quality original IT article, quality is better, drainage effect will be very bad, so the first is to optimize the internal well.

two: link publishing should be moderate

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence has become the general rule of default every webmaster in mind, but the chain is really better? The answer is: two years ago, but not now! Baidu rules in the change in the update our minds also need to constantly update, this is SEO you want to, with Baidu’s preferences and change. The chain is not much, lie in the quality, the author suggests to some of your websites or forums would be much better to do link, as to how to judge the quality of the · · · · · · I think there is a simple reason is that "more difficult to stay outside the higher the quality of the website chain".

I understand that there are many promotional staff believes that a link to each, are likely to bring to the site in a separate IP, this idea is true, but this promotion, even can bring traffic, there may be only temporary visitors, if there is no good website content quality, even to attract the tourists come, they can not retain, a website, need most is not temporary visitors, but the viscosity of membership.

three: friendship link screening and exchange

for my website, for example, articles and information are >

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