Guest do Taobao wise remark of an experienced person how to improve the conversion rate

from Taobao customers began there have been more than half a year, he made several guest website, income from scratch, from instability to stability, in fact the bitterness, only you know. Done so long Taobao, in fact, my biggest feeling is to do Taobao customers need to pay, need action, only in action to explore experience, we need to sum up experience in practice. Today, I share some of the experience I have gained in the process of doing the station. I hope I can help you with the Taobao guests.

today I share the topic of "what kind of Taobao guest website has the highest conversion rate?"". Usually there will be a lot of friends to react with me, why some websites one hundred or two hundred IP traffic a day, but the list of transactions is very poor, and sometimes a day without a list. But some websites, only a few dozen, or even a few "poor" IP traffic every day, but every day is a deal, every day more or less income. To tell you the truth, I’ve been in the same situation. I summed up, the conversion rate of Taobao customers, there are a few factors related to:

1, first of all, is the ranking of keywords in search engines. I don’t want to say anything about that. We all understand that if you want customers to buy your website’s products, first of all, you can make it easy for customers to search for you. If your site does not find your site within ten pages of Baidu, there will be no traffic on the site.

2, single page Taobao guest and multi page Taobao guest. Facts have proved that the conversion rate of a single page of Taobao passengers than navigation class, many pages, Taobao conversion rate is much higher. Single page Taobao customers to fewer customers, the average customer thinking time is relatively small, customers often point to open the site, click directly into all of your promotional products page.

3, website speed. You can imagine a slow fast open not open the website, even ranked in the first Baidu, its conversion rate will be high? For example, I am a weight loss website, "what kind of medicine reducing weight the most effective" the word ranking Baidu fourth, because there is no record of the domain name before is the United States with the host, website speed is relatively slow, although a good position, every day can have dozens of IP address, but the transaction is poor, keywords up to 20 days, a total turnover of 5 pen list, just about ten days ago, I changed very fast speed to 2 domestic host. Times faster than the host, but only after three days to see the effect, the 7 day I sold 8. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you carefully select the server, as far as possible less foreign host, use more domestic host.

4, page beautiful degree. I will illustrate it, I have a station do slimming capsule. Before the page is a single page station is very simple, very ordinary, than to lose weight, I mentioned above would be simple, but also ugly, balsam pear Qing fat diet pills, the word ranking in Baidu IP second, the daily flow of no less than 100, that you may not believe it, for a whole month >

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