t took only half a month for Baidu to include my website

since the purchase of domain name binding space, almost every day, site, Baidu, site almost numb,


used to see the online rumors, Baidu not included new sites; Baidu included new sites, only included the home page of Baidu; domestic domain cloud completely lost confidence, not included; after the Baidu home page, a long time not included in other pages on the website; Baidu originally included mass delete, delete to millions of results left home, let some tears…… Various rumors circulated on the Internet, watching the people moving.

is now the domestic Internet, what means Baidu, everyone knows that Baidu to you, you, you will die, you must die, Baidu dominates the domestic Internet reins. A Baidu that loves and hates

couldn’t wait to open the brain, site use Baidu Search, even the site appeared five results, in addition to home, there are four other pages, then site another domestic domain name, but also five results, look at the book some time, or earlier, if July 25th is included, but do not know how to thing, a few days ago to search.

site is still a new station, because taking into account the Baidu to be included, so there is no large-scale increase of articles, only more than 30. There is good most of the original works, works also made by post processing technology, such as change the title, change the paragraph structure of the article, or the contents related to integrated into an article and so on, in a word, this time is Cheng Cheng fear panic, Baidu included, a stone in my heart the down to the last.

so far, included three major search engines are good! It seems, Baidu website is not all online rumors said, just now included is slow for a long time, the net surface included is less; Google, YAHOO included quickly, the results are more.

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