As the garbage station mistakes you make full use of the keyword

do garbage stations, more than half by search. More than half of search sources are Baidu. So, how to do some of the top ranking Baidu keyword, but also to ensure that the flow of garbage station is very important. Stack up, hot, and some other cheating, it is easy to get your own stop, can not guarantee long-term traffic.

so, to do some popular keyword spelling, is also a good way to flow oh. These spelling errors, the search volume is not small, can ensure the flow and the key competition, than the more popular keyword is much lower, at least not found many special words wrong station. So it’s also a good choice to add some keyword related spelling errors to your content on the basis of your garbage site,

needs reminding:

1, the right keywords must be relatively hot, typos in order to ensure the flow of

Use the phonetic and five

2, the average user of those typos start from these two aspects, such as the "grassroots" is likely to hit into "grass with" ah.

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