7 practices that cause websites to be K


1 accumulation, must die! If you like skype2008skype2008skype2008, skype2008 download, skype2008 tips, skype2008 tariff, the common problems of skype2008 that is better, solve the key accumulation problem! Search engine in the search time will not be too disgusted!

2 posting every day, refers to the post bar in Baidu, you can try to send 5 posts every day, ha ha, the results will be terrible!


3 uses cheating software to brush IP, brush traffic, short ranking rise will lead to your long-term depression!

4 people enter cheat ", the chain, while text chain increased, but once they found, report, or search out friendship, K is inevitable! K is not lower ranking


5 keyword and home page do not want to do, needless to say, the time does not live long!


6 does not always check their site, they engage in hacking into the code! So in Baidu, Google above the search out of the page, displayed below the name of your site, this page contains a Trojan or malware, whether you really want to open it? Even if you’re ranking, people don’t have the guts to open you "


7 a day to open a blog, do friends chain, not long will be found! Search engine is very smart! A Monday, or you can!


, but you need to have the money to compete in the Baidu rankings, then the problem doesn’t exist. Ha ha,

I am a novice grassroots, academic to shallow, Kankan, forget your laugh, if you desire and my friend chain, Cheng


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