Baidu loves you till it kills you

really started, SEO is also learning from the Admin5, SEO total work is to select keywords, reasonable distribution of keywords, for picture comments, remove useless code, optimize FLASH, or directly without FLASH, join

, etc.. Submit a free engine entrance, find the chain, and so on.


08 years I started experienced by Baidu down the right, and then has been not updated snapshot, how can we? For Baidu, really love and hate! I like all the SEOER are looking for Baidu’s algorithm, like every day in the same Baidu love more with him, the more he disgusted. But as China’s search engine boss, we can’t help falling in love with it again. It is man who must bow to life for bread.

makes SEO last, and you’ll find that Baidu’s appetite is not so good, and SEO’s ideal results aren’t what Baidu wants. Baidu is to see who is pleasing to the eye, who does not have too many laws. In the end can only say, Baidu ~ ~ really love you, love to kill you. Hum ~ do your own station, regardless of your Baidu love and do not love,


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