Four ways to retain visitors

on QQ, Q friends often ask me, "Why are my stations so short of customers every day, and repeat customers account for 50% of the daily volume?"". Ha ha ~ ~ ~ ~ I do Q friends: "you only know I stand again, and you go on my station?" the Q friend has a sense of confusion, today, I was on the Admin5 website from the following aspects to answer the question. What kind of website is easier to retain visitors to


first, the speed of the website

the speed of the site for the website, it is the lifeblood, not only affect the user experience, but also influence the website included, today we don’t talk to talk to included the effects of user experience, it is difficult to imagine a day did not open the website will give visitors a sense of what. If you have a open website, what would you do next? Anyway, I was immediately shut down the site, because the site, will delay my precious time, but also seriously affect my mood was excited. In college, due to economic constraints, spend 100 yuan to buy a 500M space, the site is five days to sleep for three days, the remaining two days are still in the disabled state such sites will not repeat. Therefore, when we do the website, we must select a good network service provider to ensure the speed and stability of the website.

second, website design,

web site is to show people, so the website page page design aesthetic will directly affect the viewer’s feelings and experience. A good environment can make people feel good, a good music can make people happy, a good page can make visitors have a good mood and feelings. Before, when I do always love to choose colored pictures and color collocation, visitors open web site has not looked down directly off the site, later learned that the color is too bright glare, the first feeling is irritable, mood irritability will continue to read the answer can make nothing of it?. So when we design websites, we should consider the feelings of the visitors. It’s better to design your website as a visitor.

third, the function of the website

about the function of the website, it is said not, not finished, some people think that the more the better function of website, but I don’t think that, for example, a website had information is very simple, but inside the inclusion and a number of simple functions, let me first feeling is two words —-. The function of the website, as long as can adapt to the basic scale of development on the site can, but must be suitable for access to your crowd. If an original article information site, but you want members to fill in and product sales related information, members will be happy and willing to fill out? I think not necessarily. Again, a site that only administrators can publish information and visitors can browse information, but wrote a powerful >

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