Analysis of the long experience of the local talent network in the road of development

the city where I live is Pingtan, the city of Fujian province. My website is Pingtan talent network, mainly to provide network recruitment, talent pool, HR documents, personnel assessment, campus recruitment and other multi-faceted human resources services. The local government does not attach much importance to the network, coupled with the lack of talent in this respect, so the network market in Pingtan is rather chaotic. Unprofessional and informal seems to be the common problem in most of Pingtan’s websites.

I started studying websites in 2010, and later changed my name to "Pingtan talent network". Here are some of the experiences and processes of my website:

1, at the beginning, I was still in school; the use of spare time (in fact, everyone should be in the University have been "night"; but everyone for different purposes only) I downloaded a universal empire system on the Internet, through simple modifications, rented space, registered a domain name the site, even made; then is timely updates, frantically update information. Now, looking back, with these things are the most basic, the simplest, and then felt that this is an incredible thing.

2, because of the "Crazy" in front, makes a lot of information posted on the website is the earliest. Front also said, the Pingtan side of the network market was relatively backward, while the Pingtan recruitment information, are not many, so this will give some large sites "chicken ribs" feeling, and it also sorts are some of the reasons for the first time I can release recruitment information: the competition is very small.

3, every day to update the site, so that the site keywords ranking rapidly rising; therefore, for me at that time, the site access has been greatly increased. Remember a network administrator that knows in net bar ever said: "you such a website can have such visit actually.". In fact, he means: "almost a garbage station website, but it has a relatively incredible amount of access.".

4, along with our knowledge of the extent of the site, the site also found shortcomings; therefore, I give up the original download program, to find a PHP CMS program; and then change the code, the manual removal of information. After changing the website procedure, discovered: the website’s visit quantity once again had the obvious increment, after many practices, I bought a set of talented person recruitment website legal system.

5, and later created several QQ groups, as of now, there are about more than 40; at the same time began to provide recruitment information for the people of Pingtan.

6, in order to expand the influence of the site, began to do the next line of business: Pingtan talent recruitment related services; telephone, mail, QQ consulting services, but also to do on the job answer; try to print posters, mouse pad, mail express; printing leaflets to distribute, at the same time open Baidu promotion.

7, combined with Pingtan talent network station name, printed on

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