Local community web site local promotion strategy

2010, local stations, industry stations have become another big choice for webmasters, of course, more friends will choose the same as me, choose the local station to operate. The local station and the station to the portal or professional, portal or professional station does not have the local information resources of local stations, so how to make good use of these resources, let us more directly and more quickly into the profits of


first of all, what we’re going to do is website popularity. Speaking of popularity, then we certainly think of website promotion. The first step is to let people know the existence of the site, and then to understand, understand and accept.

we see now in the city, most shop has a computer! May the computer owner does not know to use it for their own money (such as the "Bazhong forum" which is a less developed economy of the city). At this time, we should take the initiative, such as the printed leaflets / promotional name card, a large number of businesses were issued; at the same time, we can hang banners in flows of people from each other; and some large businesses (such as Internet cafes, supermarkets, discount stores, restaurants etc.) cooperation, to provide free services; another can not do is some intermediaries (such as matchmaking, clubs, etc., the housing intermediary) to enrich website content is not more than the original practical resources.

Of course, in addition to some commercial

can do, we can do some publicity and public welfare promotion; like the Chinese New Year holidays, reunion, family gatherings, gathering of friends, we can print some publicity and promotion in the real name card. In addition, have heard some friends said, QQ group promotion effect is not big, now many QQ users in the group see the link will generally ignore. Practice has proved that it is not ideal, but so many QQ group, we can use it? The answer is yes. Especially in the city QQ group, we can group friends in the party during the publicity.

there are also some, such as tourism, college associations, local media cooperation is also very good. This article first Admin5 webmaster nets, author website (www.bztvs.com) reprint, please keep the integrity of the article.

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