Starting from the angel to the D round of the probability of less than 2%15 large industry over a hu

in 2016, honey Amoy net, delicious 77, the young monarch dish, car net, car, Bai Bo Amoy on the road, awesome medicine…… The company has a large number of business failures, death tide comes at the same time, B death, C round round die revival. Some companies stay behind Starving people fill the land., some companies are very careful, but also some companies muffled fortune. All kinds of difficult start-up companies, the second half of 2016 is defined as the dividing point of life and death Bureau


[data decoding – but the data does not mean anything]

first, three sets of data, the time span is from January 2014 to August 2016 this 31 months time, get the angel round (including seed round) investment of 4908 companies, get A (including Pre-A and A+) the company’s financing round reached 4179, through B (including B+) round of companies have 970, and crossed the C round of the company was only 311, the final round of financing to D company only poor 94.



is only some incomplete statistics, but still has the typical significance, data from the table we can see that the start-up companies from the angel went D round of probability is less than 2%, it is extremely dangerous. The media as a witness, there is a special occasion "saw him rise from seeing his dinner guests, he saw the building collapsed".

in fact, all startups have a rough time, but compared to before C round of company, the scale, reputation but facing D round of the so-called star company has the typical significance, this paper simply from sudden death, suicide, the sale of the development path for readers full decoding can not escape the "Curse of financing".

[worst path – collapse death]

a group of fallen start-up companies, although the final result is death, but the cause of death was investigated following the death of each one has its own merits, there are still several common and typical.

Cause of death: a

burn out price war. This is almost a failure of the majority of business failures, whether it is a giant or start-up companies, like the way to quickly get the user through the price war and occupation of the market. However, many companies such as BJAT, Wanda, LETV, have strong cash flow support, through channels and subsidies to keep the price down, engage in a protracted war; but the venture companies depend on each round of venture capital financing from where a strong fight, there is no way to long time consumption, once a new round of financing not in place, the capital chain rupture ending only death. For example, the 3 round of financing over $35 million a year, honey amoy.

Two reasons for the death of

: after the kidnapping of capital expansion. If a startup without rapid income growth, do not blindly expansion team! Many startups are lost representation problem of financing capital chain rupture, but substantially more blame on the strategic problem of rhythm. After the introduction of venture capital venture capital company is tantamount to being kidnapped by the capital >

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