Look at the details of the website from KFC’s toilets

The children around

like to pester their parents to take them to KFC. Many white-collar workers come to work in Shenzhen. They also love to go to KFC for dinner and chat. Recently I also love KFC, but I do not like KFC with their children, they love to KFC is delicious Roast Chicken (the home of the chicken is usually boiled, baked, rarely used) white-collar culture KFC KFC is love. I do not pay attention to eat, but also not so elegant cultural pursuit, so I do not like KFC with them! There is a KFC near where we live, every day I will go to a walk, not for others, is to use their toilet


is not the same as with other domestic restaurants, KFC details was quite good, they are not what the toilet clean, smell, fresh air, and very quiet, no noise! The restaurant usually toilet done very well, some restaurant decoration is very good, but the toilet is another scene! Even many restaurants even the toilets are not, let you to the next place to a certain! Eat whatever pull taste, how to do customer service service!! the success of KFC, in addition to the success of the marketing strategy, the personal details do bits are also key


website details determine success or failure, it is the same! If you are really hard on the user experience, expression to a small sentence is really appropriate! Again to a small picture of the choice, collocation a background color, a font selection, with your user groups aesthetic habits hard to do! When a lot of people will love your website website! He is a "Kentucky", when you do a good job in every detail, even when the toilets are done impeccable, make a hundred years old is sooner or later


has a point, I hope you do web site quality, do not waste station! Really do a website with a person’s energy is often not enough, often need a team! But as far as I know, the man standing up China have dozens of sites, ten sites are often you feel shy to say export! So many website to do the details is almost impossible, and finally only rubbish station

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